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When the Emperors Return


Synopsis: The war between the Advancement Federation and the Lightborn Empire had been raging on for half a century now. The winner shall become the ruler of the world! Yet, by trend, it appeared that the war of attrition shall last another century. Until one day. An ordinary village boy received the inheritance of a powerful ancient organization. With these resources, his path to become the strongest being in the world is now unhindered. But, as the only and the last member of the Return organization, he must complete Return's mission: To return peace to the world! To return unity to the people! To restore vitality to lands of desolation! How will he hide when both superpowers seek to destroy him when he is weak? How will he cleanse the world of hatred when he has absolute power? A village boy walked out a pine forest. The legend of the last emperor has began! ---------------- Picture Source:

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