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Mistrust and Misfortune


Synopsis: A former star who had fallen from grace. Everything was taken away from her due to a single accident. Tribulation after tribulation followed her as she tried to survive with life even with her disability. She learned to fight back to regain her pride as a woman. Even when people try to bring her down, she survived. "The more you hurt me the more I will fight back! I will no longer be the same person who clings to someone for support. I will support myself through my own efforts!" This is the beginning of a journey of a woman who starts to climb back up to the top after her fall. Author notes: Updates: 4x a week 8:00 (GMT+8) It would depend on my free time, but the time would always be the same so if you want to be informed with my updates don't forget to add this to your library. Patreon: (For advance chapters)

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