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Synopsis: Humans have come a long way from the unsophisticated animals that they used to be. Now, every country has taken to space, Earth, the home world has been wrecked due to war. The war was not only caused by humans, but the mysterious race 'Luminians' which turned all animal life on the planet into what are know as Demon Beasts. Countries have realised their folly. Humanity's greatest enemy was not each other, it was something far, far more advanced. Both technologically and culturally. This was until humans obtained the power of Magic. Aran Evion was born in the flames of war. He lived a shattered youth, turning him into a cursed entity, a Hellion. Now, the only pleasure he finds is in brutal slaughter, coffee and a clean bedroom. He signs a contract to teach military recruits, a mix of Cyborgs, Superhumans, Telekinetics and more. It has been long since there was any major conflict with the aliens. Humanity has begun to forget the strife that they were put through in the past, but some individuals will never forget. War will be waged and Aran will revel in the battlefield, killing both human and alien alike. There are many factions behind the scenes, many with unfriendly intentions... ... 1 chapter every few days, I'm busy and this will give me some time to polish the chapters up. 1K+ Words per chapter. Don't forget to vote!

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