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The Mysterious Life of Yuliah IB


Synopsis: The Ethereal Spirit, the greatest power in the Universe, descended from the Cosmos after the world he created began to die. The only way to save his world was to destroy another and then split in two. The Light reborn as an Immortal loved by all and the Dark as a Being, detested by the world. In this new world sits the Northern Kingdom cut off and surrounded by the Dark Ethereal Spirit. A young woman born in the Northern Kingdom with a mysterious origin, finds herself forced into a marriage with a Man she does not love. From the Southern Kingdom comes a powerful General also with a mysterious past of his own. As their paths cross when he attempts to save her, enter-twinning their fates and forging a bond and love that will transcend all else. Join them as they embark on a journey across the world to discover their true selves.

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