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Storm Caller - The New Era


Synopsis: *Hiatus - Went on a trip about a month ago and re-read a bunch of the chapters before realizing that I didn't like where the story was going. I spent the last month trying to figure out where I went wrong while writing other stories and for now I'm going to leave Storm Caller alone while I think about it.* The year is 2028, and the next era is coming. Signs are everywhere, hail the size of basketballs pelt Denver, Colorado. The Washington Monument topples over, people are going missing in record numbers all around the globe. Ancient powers awaken from their long slumbers. They are coming! In the middle of all this, a prestigious academy hiding incredible secrets decides that something has to change. Mistakes of the past shouldn't be repeated. Our hero is a 17 year boy carrying an incredible legacy who just wants to live a normal(ish) life. *Intellectual property of CDB*

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