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The Legend of the Neanderthal Mage


Synopsis: Max Campbell, a junior high school student, auditioned of a workshop to play the new virtual reality game, Domain of the Inhumans.__ One day, Max who had arrived at the Dao Celestial Tier 7 entitled "Earl of Magic", becomes one of the strongest experts in the Guild. However, Workshop leader Caio Li takes Max to prison on charges of violated his younger sister, Lina Li.__ Impotent, Max lies down on the cement bed in the prison cell and falls into a deep sleep holding in his hands a mysterious crimson stone that should not exist in the real world.__ Upon waking up, Max discovers that he came back 7 years ago, the same day that the qualification test for the Workshop will be held.__ Max then decides to change destiny and outline a path where he will no longer be under anyone's orders.__ But what Max does not know is that in choosing this new path, he will unleash a far more shocking truth than his reincarnation.__ What is the mystery behind Max's reincarnation?__ What is the secret behind the Philosopher's Stone?__ What kind of truth would be more shocking than Max's reincarnation?__ Follow Max's incredible journey and the mysteries behind the Philosopher's Stone as he trails a path to becoming a Legendary Wizard!____________________________________

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