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Synopsis: Some people believe that the uniform makes the man. Others believe the man makes the uniform. Both are wrong! It's the system that makes the uniform and the man! Follow James Dawn on his adventures after being transported to a world of war and magic where he relies on his uniform system to scam his way to the top! More about the main character James: Expecting a cool, suave MC that handles every situation with ease? Well James isn't that MC! He's shameless, cowardly, and a bit stupid. However, he keeps a positive attitude despite living in a scary unfamiliar world. About the novel: This novel has a lot of comedy. It focuses on adventure and takes place in a world of magic. My writing flow starts out a bit rough at first, but it rapidly improves in later chapters. -------------------------------------------------- Chapter length: Chapters average 2500 words. Chapter Updates: Novel is on temporary hiatus. It isn't dropped and will be picked back up in the future. I will not start a 3rd book before finishing this book and my other book. I'll reboot the book in the future with large chunks of it rewritten to flow better. I apologize to anyone I've disappointed by going on hiatus. I've always been very frustrated when it happens to my favorite series. I really wanted to avoid doing it, but I had to. Sorry!!! Check out my other novel Steampunk Apocalypse:

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