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The Recipe of Love


Synopsis: Asha is now in the brink of helplessness and despair. Would she let despair to chase her for the rest of her life? Thus, she chooses to face the man who wanted her dead and to stand as a woman in the world of chefs. She will create her own dishes and make his father's recipes alive again. Her adventures lead to clues of the real killer of his father and get entangled with love in the process. Somehow, when she is face to face with the murderer, will she forgive or not? The Recipe of Love will show her the right decision to make. This is a story of a girl in her journey to become a lady chef while in life-threatening situations and get entangles with love as well. So, don't expect a fast pace cooking battles. It is Asha's journey. The fast battles will occur later in the story. The setting of the story is India before its Independence in 1947. Exact timeline is 1945. However, I didn't use India in my story since the places/villages I mentioned do not exist in the present country. I used Bangla words since the culture is more on present Bangladesh. The whole story is a fiction. If you have questions about the culture, please ask me in the comment and I'll try to explain things to you. I can't write the culture within the story for that will bore you to death. Most are written in the Author's Thoughts. (This novel won the 2nd place in the writing prompt contest #34: Chef, but got the same prize as the first place. Thanks to all who supported.) My completed book: I'm Guilty, My Beauty'm-Guilty%2C-My-Beauty-(Completed)

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