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The Imperial Dragon


Synopsis: Long before humanity existed, the earth we know of had been filled with creatures possessing unimaginable strengths and uncanny powers. Each and every one of them was the embodiment of magic itself and could move both heaven and earth. Ruled by the iron fist of the Imperial Dragons, the subservient mythical creatures banded together and plotted to overthrow the reigning Dragon Clan while they sought to place themselves above everyone else. ... Trapped in his human form, the baby dragon lost all memories of his dragon life. When he was found by a cultivator, through a series of mishaps, Prince Einnucron was eventually taken in by a Clan of cultivators and was given the human name, Kai-En. With his power locked away in a world meant for the strong, he was raised as a slave until he stumbled upon a magical item created from a part of his royal father. With his memory refreshed, his previously suppressed power was released from the spell placed by his mother. Would Kai-En eventually realize his true destiny? ......... Special thanks to AuthorWiz for the cover~

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