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Tyler's Journey to the Apex (Multi x Crossover Fanfiction)


Synopsis: Disclaimer: I don't own anything that I didn't come up with myself. This is fanfiction, which means that it will have elements from existing works ex; Anime: Death Note, Naruto, etc... Novels: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson etc... and maybe some games. Just let me repeat that I do not own any of that and all credit goes to the original creators. I'm writing this for fun and don't intend to make any money off of this. This also means that I might not update for a long time or just drop it whenever I want, so read at your own risk and don't bitch at me if this happens. This is also my first fic so please be gentle with the criticism? If I ever put a cover, it probably isn't mine either and was just grabbed off of google images. Anyways; Synopsis: Your typical Otaku boy gets killed and reincarnates in a xinxia type cultivation world as the heir to a prominent clan with a cheat system. After 203 years he reaches the apex of cultivation only to be betrayed by his most trusted companion. This is not the end for him however, as he reincarnates once more as a wizard in the Harry Potter world eventually becoming the master of death only to be assassinated by his unfilial dog of a son. Transmigrating once again, this time with one of the deathly hallows from Harry Potter fused with his soul, he lands (unknown to him) in the world of Death Note and becomes the greatest detective eventually meeting the wielder of the death note and getting fatally wounded he uses the death note's power to his advantage to rise one again.

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