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The Bullsh*t System


Synopsis: The Bullsh*t System, a system unlike normal systems, created purely to relieve the boredom of 12 divinities. 346 hosts have already died while striving to complete its quests, all in a futile attempt to reach a higher level of existence. It was now the turn of Shu Himo, the 347th host. Will he be able to survive its quests? Will he reach a higher level of existence? Or will he die, exactly like his 346 predecessors? Shu Himo: "Obviously I will be able to!" System: [Able to do what?] Shu Himo: "Become the strongest, obviously!" System: [Funny.] -------------------------------------------------- Warning for new readers: I'm currently editing the old chapters, so you may notice a sudden worsening of grammar and writing style from the last I edited to the next chapter. This is a temporary problem that will be solved as quickly as possible. -------------------------------------------------- Schedule: 1 chapter a week. (Temporary)

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