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Against the Other Gods


Synopsis: A 27 year old man named Takagi who have a photographic memory lived his life diligently and a really kind man to his family and friends. His hobbies of course watching anime, reading manga and light novel. On his way back from work, he suddenly got a heart attack and passed out. Without having a sufficient time to get him to the hospital, he got another heart attack and died. But this is the mark of the journey on his favorite and hated novel book at the same time that he read. Hello, the Author here. This is my very first time writing something and also my very first book. So I decided to write a fan-fiction first to Improve myself in writing. English is not my native language so, please feel free to have some comment for my grammar. Disclaimer : I didn't own anything regarding the original characters and the world of Against The God from the original book "Against The God".

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