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The Famous Painter is the CEO's Wife


Synopsis: If you ask me of her, I could not encapsulate her being with just mere words; As if words could describe the beauty that is Wu Mei Li, the woman that epitomizes love, Her brown eyes like the color of the sun’s kisses which fills me with undiluted warmth, Her red lips like those seductive thorny Roses passionate enough to draw me in, Her sultry voice like the teasing cool breeze amidst the summer heat beguiling me for more, Her smooth skin like the iridescent sheen of a pearl that baits my greedy hands to touch, and her tantalizing tenderness paired with her spine of kryptonite defeated my Superman heart of steel. Only she could play my heart into pieces and still make me ask for more. You, Wu Mei Li, have conquered this tyrant CEO and thus you shall become no one else’s but mine. ————————————— Wu Mei Li had lived for 26 years with only little colors splashed unto her boring black and white orphan life. Until fate decided to break her heart and lead her to him- Zhao Yang, 24th head of Zhao Conglomerate, said to be the most ruthless businessman to live and the unattainable brother of her best friend, and he who had also avoided her presence for almost 10 years due to his parents’ scheming them together. Set on Modern Day, follow the Yandere Zhao Yang and the Eccentric Wu Mei Li’s journey from acquaintances in the early days of their meeting, to how Yang courted the consistently in denial Mei Li, then how their lives progress as a couple in the limelight, and how their road always end with each other. This Novel is mainly about the trials of a couple; from their beginning as strangers to their lives as a married couple. It will show a man courting a lady, a lady’s struggle to accept love, their cute interactions when falling in love, their path to being engaged, rescuing the lady from her past, teaching each other greater morals, and growing old together. Although, a bit of mystery and action is added to spice things up. Discord:

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