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Synopsis: Have you ever love someone to the point that you want to die? Xene, an outstanding student, whose family status can be said to be a middle class. He always feel like he does not belong in this world because, he doesn't have many friends. Some of his friends are rarely with him. Pushing his anxiety, and depression to the highest level. Because of this, he attempted suicide many times but, can't muster enough courage to do so. But, a girl came to his life telling him that she loves him while Xene reciprocated that love. They were happy. After 1 year, the girl told him that all she said about love is a lie. Being heartbroken, he tried committing suicide by jumping off from the tallest building in the city. When he was about to reach the ground, he saw a big bright light appearing from the ground. After his eyes cleared, he shouted in his mind, "WHY AM I STILL FREAKING ALIVE?!"

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