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Synopsis: "Mama, tell me about the Phoenix Hero!" Lily asked her mother. "Mmm... okay. He lived three thousand years ago in Gentlebreeze continent. He was just a commoner who appeared suddenly and became the greatest hero our world witnessed or will ever witness. There is a legend... A citizen once asked him where did he come from, and the Hero gave out a weird reply. He said Seattle Real Estate Office. Until now, no one ever found this legendary place." Follow Lucas, a regular office worker who got fired, being forced to travel to another world and become a legend. ............ The release will be at 16:00 GMT. ............ Temporary notice: I'll be having my exams these couple weeks. That's why you'll see me rarely uploading, if at all. I'll finish my exams by mid-July... After that, the release will be a lot more. 14/week? Possible. ............ Special thanks to my editor (NEZUMI_23) for all the wonderful work she's doing. ............ Special thanks to the cover artist for her amazing work. IG: Lottikun

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