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Synopsis: Stein was a boy that has a bad life. Because he is powerless in a world that values only power. He dies in this world and gets reborn into a new one a one that has magic and monsters. In his new body of Feng Xiu, a young girl with silver hair and light purple eyes, she finds a golden flower in a cave in a pond. Upon picking the flower she obtains a universal POWER system. Follow Feng Xiu as she uses this new system of her's to become a Warrior, fight Demons, make new friends, and save the world. --Authors Note-- This is my first novel so I don't know how some things work. People said to add tags, but I don't know how to do that so... yeah. I was informed to warn people of what is in my novel so in this Novel is: -Shapeshifting -Systems -Powerful Beings -Depression If you have a problem with something, write a comment, I read them and can probably fix it. Enjoy! P.S A few people have commented and reviewed that this is genderbend. I didn't know what that was, but after looking it up I can see why some thought that way. This is NOT genderbend, it is shapeshifting to change appearance. I am sorry for any confusion or anger or strife brought upon you and this web novel due to my ignorance about this socio-political topic. Once again, NOT genderbend, shapeshifting. Sorry, for not making that distinction. I hope you all continue to enjoy reading

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