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Chapter 9 : Heavenly Judges

AGUS: Journey to the Eyes of God

Siga prepared himself to counter the thousands of arrows but suddenly,

"Heavenly Lighting fury!"

Another jet of blue lighting came out from above making a pincer attack on him. It hit Siga broke his guards against thousands of lighting arrows that also bombarded him.

It seems that the winged beast has company hiding above the clouds.

"Bam! Bam! Bam!" Every arrow that hit him would explode and leave a burning and paralyzing effect.

His body was hit a thousand times as all the arrows have already locked on him. It was thanks to his unbelievable defense that his body was still in one piece.

Suffering from the constant bombardment, he decided to fly as fast as he can away from the area.

"Circle Heavenly Seal!"

In an instant, another two bright golden rings as wide as 10 kilometers have actually sealed his area and it instantly shrank, locking both his hands and feet at the same time.

This seal has to power to suppress one's body and spiritual powers.

"Its a trap!" Jim shouted as he came back flying slowly with his burnt clothes from the attack.

"Jim run! leave me alone!"

"I won't abandon you!" Jim used all his force to split the golden seals holding Siga but his effort failed.

"Pathetic mortals, you think you can escape us?"

The now nine-winged being said. In an instant, more than a hundred more winged beings with bodies of humans but heads of different animals came flying down from above.

They have been completely surrounded from the start!

Another goldenseal also appeared out of nowhere, sealing Jim's movement.

Mostly have two wings, others have six and around two have nine. The other two nine-winged beings are reponsible for the surprise backstab lighting and the golden sealing circle.

"Siga and Jim, the rebel from tenth , you are under arrest to the heavenly code of mortal , of a total of twelve and a sun, and tampering with the book of life, and crossing the boundary of the Origin of With five Gazer witnesses as proof, how would you like to defend yourself?"

A -two-winged being with a head of an owl spoke in telepathy. He was their so-called heavenly judge and the rest of the winged beings seems to bow in its presence.

"Funny how the real criminals think of themselves as the executor of justice," Siga replied without a hint of fear. His eyes were filled with mockery instead.

"I will take your mockery as a guilty plead. You are sentenced to a hundred days of sun and will be a for eternity. I state this case as dismissed."

With a wave of his hands, a piece of scroll appeared out of the heavenly judged's mouth. The scroll turned into a streak of light that covered Siga and Jim and they both disappeared.

At the sun...

Five men and one woman are currently bounded by heavenly circle seal and are standing in a stone pedestal floating in a magma, screaming and squirming in pain. Among these five men were Siga and Jim.

The temperature in this was unbearable that it would instantly turn a man into dust. It was so hot that anyone would want to die instead of suffering the heat.

However, the stone pedestal they were standing has healing abilities that also heal their body from time to time while it was being burned as well. It was an endless cycle of agony and pain.

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