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Chapter 2 : Very important to read

My and Secret

Hello, fans and readers. me for not returning some end due to despair that almost made me cry and get out of the world of writers. I know this is the end of the life story of a writer who or not that was the end of his story.

I returned and begged all of you to support and stop by to read my work and give likes.


then type in the search for Bride of Mafia with Anita pen.

Please stop by to read and also like.

You can find other works by typing on the Anita search

You will find a row with lots of pens, but read the work with Anita pen

Please support to stop by reading and giving likes.

If I make it to the top 5 I will try again to post the story here well and improve the

Please be able to read again. thank you

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