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Chapter 8 : Facing Laugan II

My Isekai Adventure

"Laugan,Laugan. The game has just begun"

The battle between and Laugan continued. Laugan swung his great sword at but she was very agile, she dodged his sword every single time. When she saw an opportunity she went for the jab to the slits in the helmet or the joints of his armour.

But she never managed to actually land a hit. She was fighting at level with him. Both seemed equally powerful. All she wanted to do was to overpower him using her stamina. It was a game of who drops down first.

I on the other hand was talking to my genius brain regarding 'how to destroy him'. ;s was straight forward but it would take a lot of time. I don't doubt her stamina but I do doubt my stamina. I touched my ring and said, " Tier 5 spell scrolls". Hundreds of scrolls appeared before me. I randomly selected a few.

Ice type magic: Blizzard. Special Effect: Freeze.

Lighting type magic: Discharged. Special Effect:Stun.

Pure type magic: The Heaven. Special Effect: None.

Spacial type magic: Space Special Effect:None.

Dark type magic: Haunting Shadow. Special Effect: Fear

Fire type magic: Dragon's Breath. Special Effect: Intense heat.

AHH! This might work. I quickly formed a strategy. The main problem we are having at facing him is his armour which limits our hit spots. Why not melt and freeze his armour continuously. This should weaken it's durability and make it possible for to break it.

I fed the scrolls into the totem. " Dragon's breath!". A small red circle formed close to my hand.

" Dragon's breath activated. Take your aim".

I aimed at Laugan and said " Release". The totem replied, " Not in range". Not enough range? Dragon's breath is a short ranged spell? This was confusing. Firstly none of the scrolls what they do. The top of the scroll had the type of spell, below it the name of the spell, below that in middle of the scroll the magic circle diagram, below that at the lowest , the special effects of the spell. , there were no stats. Without having any idea regarding the damage done by the spell, or mana consumed by the spell, or recast time it was really hard to make a proper strategy. In order to go ahead with my , I have to get to know the range of my spells.

I ran slowly wearing my heavy tortoise shell towards the wall. When I was about 10 metres from the wall. I aimed at the wall and tried to fire Dragon's Breath.

" Not in range".

I ran closer 5 metres. Tried again.

" Not in range".

I tried at 3 meters. It didn't work.

I tried at 1 metre. " Release".

A red mist was ejected from the circle. When the gas came into contact with the wall. The wall just melted away. The effect was incredible but how the hell can I get to 1 metre from that monster! An idea popped up in my head 'Space ; I told to myself. If it means what it name means then there is still a possibility.

Even though she appeared confident aboutbher stamina when she told me the , was getting tired. She has dodging and for half an hour now. But there seemed to be no progress. Many times Laugan didn't even bother to block the hit. He just took it and let his armour protect him. She was a double handed swordsman unlike Laugan who could weild a equipment in both hands. But Laugan was bigger hence it was hard for him to dodge the swings even with his extreme speed. Burt then still, Laugan sword was larger and heavier than thin long sword. Every time they , experienced a hit back due to his momentum. The ground where they were standing was no longer even. It had a dust ground due to his sword landing on the ground every time he missed

was doing her best holding off Laugan while I was attacking a harmless innocent wall. I wonder what she would have thought of me.

My spells attracted the of the monster towards me. But managed to distract him and make him concentrate on her. Now that I think about it, her sword style is I may not be a kendo expert but I do know the basics of fencing. She must have been trained under this art.

I turned towards the other wall and asked my totem to activate space distort.

"Space distort being activated. Chose, type 1 expand or type 2 contact"

" Contract ". A purple magic circle of five rings formed at my palm.

" Select area to contract "

Select the area? " do I do that?" I said out loudly to myself.

" Rotate your palm to change the size of the magic circle. The power of the spell is to the size of the circle.", a voice came from the totem.

Did the totem just answer me?! I mean like what I asked was a complex ! How did it understand that?!

" Hey totem, did you understand what I said?"

" Duh "


" The spell has been activated, use it already "

I wanted to ask many more to it but I did as it said. I rotated my palm and the magic circle got bigger. " Contract!"

Suddenly the entire distance me and the wall on the far side warped to a size of a beach ball.

This is cool! And what's cooler is this totem. I thought it works on just basic commands!

"Execute the same spell for the same area but expand this time and yes, release on your will don't wait for my command"

"Command executing."

A purple circle formed automatically, it wasn't near my hand though, it formed near the totem. The purple circle and then shined once and in an instant I was back where I was, my initial near the first wall.

This is so cool!

One more spell to test before I can execute my

" Blizzard"

" Activating blizzard. Take your aim. "

"!", I screamed , " Retreat "..... "Release!".

A cold wind of ice and snow rushed towards him and slightly froze him.

The range is proper!

did as I said and fell back to join me.

" I don't know what you are trying to do master but this was not in the And why are you using magic on the wall?", spoke as she breathed deeply.

She must have been wondering if I was stupid.

But I spoke with confidence.

" You will see soon. But first can I get a kiss?"

"Kiss? You mean you want more Mana?"

" Yes". I was feeling a bit tired . So my Mana must be depleted then I guess. I need to be and prepare for the worst.

" , I want you to make sure he doesn't move much. I wanna go close to him."

"No ! I won't allow it. It's too dangerous. A spell caster must always fight in the back lines. "

" Do as I say I am the master here. Moreover I have a very good "

" As you wish my lord."

boosted towards Laugan. Then chanted a spell, a green magic circle formed below Laugan. From it like veins sprouted out entwining Laugan. He was powerful hence he tore the veins easily but more just caught him. The rolled around his legs and hands. A continuous set of covered him everytime he tore one vein. This slowed him down.

Okay genius brain this was your idea. I will kill you if I die. I took a deep breath and said,

" Totem, activate space and bring me closer to Laugan. When I say ' dragon's breath ' release the spell. And soon after that space again to distance me from him."

" Please give the command to execute the procedure."


In a blink of an eye I was in hands reach of Laugan. He stood tall right in front of me.

" Dragon's breath ". A red circle quickly formed at my right palm. I held my right wrist with my left hand and the red steam came out with lots of pressure. Then, the space between me and Laugan expanded as though we were standing on two points on an elongating rubber band.

His armour was red hot.

" Now release blizzard!"

The blizzard hit Laugan instantly cooling down his armour. His armour had deformed slightly. Once more.

" Go!". "Dragon's breath". " Blizzard".

stood there little far from Laugan, keeping up with the creepers as she witnessed this amazing scene.

A small crack formed at the centre of his armour.

" hit him hard in the centre."

took her sword and dashed towards him. She chanted " Bodily Enhancement: Strength, Enhance : Sword hardening."

She went close to him, bent down and her sword upward. The strike was unavoidable for the frozen monster. The thin sword hit the armor so hard that the crack formed earlier ran across the whole length of the armor. Both the armor and ;s sword broke instantly. A shockwave formed by the breaking weapons blew dust into the air and deafened my ears.

Laugan stood there now exposed. His body was made up of rocks and lava. His face was one rock with two holes through which lava glowed and on top of which two horns grew. His appearance reminded me of the great Greek Titan.

When the dust settled down, I found his rage filled eyes at me. quickly came back to support me. Laugan put his red giant sword on the ground and pulled it along as he walked towards me. The sword grew brighter and brighter until it was just melting the ground like hot knife over butter.

He looked at me and said something in a language I didn't understand. But his said it all. He meant " You will die now ", or something along those lines.

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