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My Isekai Adventure

The volcanic armour, arcane magic totem, mythical grade water and fire daggers, spacial dragon heart ring, 3 ability enhancement rings and a mythical grade magical resistance pendant. These are the equipments as named by Wearing all of them except the totem which just floats in midair, I look stupid. These equipments were made for someone who is well built with a bulky body but for a slender and lean person like me I look like a old malnourished tortoise wearing an large thick shell.

After we had decided to go to the surface. I was told by that we can't go to the top directly and that we have to clear the dungeon once again and move towards the surface.

" But luckily master, you don't need to clear all the floors again. There are circles in every 500 floor interval. So you have to clear only thousand floors out of the two thousand."

Thousand floors? Even if it's half the original value how is that any better?!

" Master, the magic circle in this room can send you to floor 1500 then after clearing till floor 1000, use the magic circle there to go to floor 500 and then we have to clear till floor 0. "

" Isn't there any other way? Don't you know any type of magic?"

" I am sorry master but I am not a spell caster I am a I just know few basic types of magic. is a advanced tier 5 magic and more over, it requires high affinity for spacial magic."

What the?! She isn't a spell caster but still had such intense mana? That's demonic!

" What about equipments?". I didn't know whether equipments can have the ability to teleport something but considering that the dragon heart ring has attributes of spacial magic, I think it's safe to assume that there must be equipments with powers.

" Well father did not keep any in order to make sure I don't escape from the room."

" Then what about the magic circle you said that's there in this room? "

" Ha? Master as I told you earlier it's you who will be teleported to floor 1500. The circles can't teleport ones with demonic or monster blood. "

"What?...u mean.....I have to clear the dungeon on my own?"

" I will join you but it will take sometime for me to fight my way through the top 500 floors. And with the equipments I have given you, you can clear the lower levels of the dungeon on your own master."

what you need to clear the dungeon is not equipment or stats it's bravery. This is not a game where one could buy the most powerful equipments and rush into the dungeon. It's the real thing here, I can't go to battle without having any experience , without having any idea of who my opponents are and what is their capabilities. I don't even have a on how to fight them too! Clearing dungeons on my own is still a far dream!

" H-How about I wait for you at, floor 1500 ? I would like to spend as much time as possible with you inside the dungeon so that we can get to know each other better."

" You want to get to know me?", blushed, and hid her cheeks which had turned pink with her crimson hair,after a moment she looked back at me and continued, " I am blessed to hear that. Even I want to know every inch of you but staying at the same inside a dungeon might attract more monsters towards you. I can't take that risk. "

Every inch of me? Why am I having a feeling that she misunderstood something? Did she perhaps-

No first things first I have to make a to escape the dungeon. Genius brain are all those Nobel prizes for nothing? Think. Think. Think.

" !", I grabbed her upper arms with both my hands with all my manly grip, looked deep into her eye. I bent over to touch our foreheads to each others. And then I said, " I don't want to leave your side. If you are to clear the entire dungeon then I too would do the same. Let's do this,..... TOGETHER."

Anything to survive! I have a greater chance of survival if she is with me.

Tears welled up in her eyes. Her hazel eyes shined even prettier now. She held me by the sleeves of my armour and pulled me close to her and went for the kiss. I was frozen, the method I had used just now was from one of my dating sims. But who knew it would work so well in real life. This was way too sudden for me to react properly.

Probably she noticed my and parted. I felt as though I let her down so I went and hugged her. She pressed her face into my chest and said with all the warmth , " I love you master. I shall never leave your side."

When I heard those words I didn't feel any pleasure, all I felt was guilt for with someone's feelings. The thought that what I am doing right now is what that woman did to me, made the wound in my heart hurt even more.

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