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Chapter 5 : THE NEW WORLD 2

My Isekai Adventure

A\N: Hey everyone! Thanks for reading the chapter. Thank you for informing me about the typo errors in the chapter. Hope you enjoy this one.??

I sat there on the marble floor while went towards the weaponry I could see her at a distance looking at few staffs with sheer as though she was trying to do calculus in her head. As I looked at her from afar I was once again mesmerised by the godly beauty. Wait, godly? No if she is the daughter of a Demon Lord she too must be a demon right? But it doesn't look like she has any horns or tail or wings as such. She looks very much human. went from corner to corner picking up new things and dropping the already picked ones to just go around to pick the dropped once back again. She was working hard. It seemed like she was really determined to select the best for me. Well it was good for me so I didn't disturb her.

After an hour or so she came back with a lot of equipments. But I didn't feel like an hour had passed for me as I was in a state of trance looking at her beauty.

" Master, I have got these for you."

"Uh.....", I was speechless. They looked absolutely amazing. The armour was obsidian with red hot lava flowing in lines carved into it. On her back was a very short and thick staff with an unusual design of eleven dragon heads on it. Along with that she brought two knives and many rings and crystals.

"They look fine don't they", said as she look at my face filled with awe. She continued, " This armour is made out of the scales of the volcanic lizards that live in the far west on the other side of the mystical blue sea. And these two knives they are the personal daggers of the fire and the water spirit kings."

" What's that tiny kinda thing on its back?"

"It's a totem. It's funny you don't know what's a totem being a spell caster. But master isn't to be Totems are extremely rare and are weapons of legends. I don't think there are any totems in the surface world."

Totems on earth are basically instruments to fend off evil. How will that help me fight a monster? Will it scare them away?

" I can't use magic as you know. How am I supposed to use it then? "

"Well you store the magic circles inside the totem by feeding it with or scrolls. Then all you have to do is supply mana to it. Your manaracts are damaged so you won't be able to make mana but you were able to store mine, so all that has to be done is for me to re-supply you with my mana every now and then."

Hmmmm...As a scientist I am feeling very lucky now. She is giving me a lot of without me even asking for it. Manaracts....she had this .So basically manaracts are things produce mana. I began connecting the dots with my genius brain. And 're-supply mana'....EHHH!!? Th-th-that means we will be *gulp* kissing.

Kiss. Kiss. Kiss.

STOP ! WHAT AM I THINKING! She is a female a race from Venus that destroyed your wonderful earthly life! And she is a Demon! That's all the more reason why I shouldn't think such things about her!

" So looks like our job in this room is done. I want to go back to the surface."

"Yes master, but before that....", ;s face turned pink and she hid her face by looking down.

" Before that?"

" You see it's an honour for a Demon to be named by their It's a pact or permanent contract that binds two souls together. As your from now I request you to approve me and name me as yours. "

" Name you as mine?".

Otaku mode on- Come on my genius brain, she is clearly taking about a contract. A magical contract that 'binds two souls'. memory on magical contracts from my games.

As I talked to myself I my old memories of me forming contracts in my games. Then I realized that the procedure of forming contracts are very different in every game.

Should I ask her how to form a contract? No! That's too risky. Genius brain think of something.

" Sorry but just because you got me these equipments doesn't make you worthy to be named by me. And by the way these equipments are covering my entire body. I look like a Samurai not a spell caster."

Did I have to say that?! What if she gets angry and kills me?! Did I really have to say that!!?

" Yes you are right my lord. It was not right of me to ask for your contract on the day we have met. But I promise you I will prove myself worthy. But still will you entrust me with the name of my master. I wish to engrave it upon my heart."

Eh?! What's with this progress? Only if I had such a progress in my dating sims! I am like boiled noodles on the inside but still I manage to put up a stern face.

" My name is Kai. Kai Kasugi. Don't you dare it. "

With announcing my name, I sealed my fate upon this new world.

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