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My Isekai Adventure

As I drifted into the void. I could feel myself growing numb. My fingers and toes went cold while my chest went burning hot. It was getting difficult to breath. I felt as though hundred pounds of lead was rested upon my chest. Gradually the agony increased until it was unbearable. My body decided that the best way to survive this intolerable pain was to go

I don't know how long I remained in that state but the very next thing I remember was cold marble pressing against my back. I tried to open my eyes but I couldn't. I tried moving my hands but for some reason my hand seemed to weigh a ton. I just lay there - somewhere. Some that I never knew existed . I understood that I had reached my other worldly It was only a matter of time until I died. The thoughts on how I would die whispered in my head.

' Will I be eaten by someone kind of monster?'

' Will I be abducted by aliens?'

' Will I die out of or cold?'

I got a ideas on how I could die and that didn't make me feel good. Then, I remembered Yuri again.....

"Yuri.....", I said that name gently for one last time. I want to about her. If I can't that, then I can never be happy the rest of my life.

I just lay there pleading God to help me everything that happened. And just like that I fell back to sleep unable to handle the pain in my heart.

" Master-sama, Master-sama...."

" Augh..", this time I was able to slowly open my eyes. But I couldn't see anything. It was dark everywhere except near few medival torches hanging on the wall, burning gently giving out very little light. I felt something soft under my head, like a royal My eyes slowly adapted to the surrounding light and I could make out a dark humanoid figure above me.

" Master-sama upon clearing the dungeon. You are now officially the of Lord Yasur. Everything thing here in the room including me are from now on your ;

' Master? Dungeon? Yasur?'

' The voice it's so sweet and captivating. It's a voice of a girl's '

" Are you a girl?"

"Huh? Hahaha", she broke out into a cute laughter.

" Of course I am my Lord. Would you like to confirm it?"

" No please don't....."

I felt a soft hand with long fingers lock the fingers of my left hand. I felt the figure getting close to me, her warm breath grazed my face. Slowly her lips fell upon mine. I had never kissed before in my life, so such soft amd warm kiss turned me on. She began, sucking on my lips. I could feel my almost-dead heart racing. Then she gently her other hand on my face and began moving her tongue inside my mouth. I was too tired to react or reject it. I just allowed her to take control. As we exchanged our juices I could feel myself from the fatigue. I was able to move my hands again. I could feel my toes again. I felt like a man overdosed with steroids and energy drinks. This was clearly not just sexual excitement. Her kiss had the property of

After kissing me for five whole minutes she parted her lips from mine. I was breathing heavily while she sat there as though that intense pleasure was nothing to her. I finally came to my senses. I was being given a lap pillow by a young lady. I sat up and moved a feet away from her. It was dark but there was just enough light to see her. Damn! Her beauty was scary. It was truly inhuman. Shiny crimson hair, chiseled doll like face with hazel eyes and glossy pink lips, voluptuous breasts, smooth yet mature curves and long slender legs. Her skin was fair and perfect. A beauty like her could win every beauty contest on earth. She would win all the shows even if she wore the worst costumes. She could join any girls pop star band and win the hearts of thousands of men with a single wink. No the hearts of all men with a single wink. But, she can't win mine, after the terrible experience I have gone through with women. I don't think I can ever trust any women, ever again!

I calmed down my racing heart. And asked her,

"Who are you? And what do you want?"

" I sincerely apologise for not introducing myself my Lord. That was very rude of me. I am the only daughter of Lord Yasur and your loyal servant. Being kissed by a girl out of no where might have been too much I guess. I am really sorry master but I had to do it. Your body was very low on Mana. I thought you would it if you slept for a while. But it kept on dropping and when it reached the minimum threshold required to survive I had no other but to transfer my Mana to you. Please me master."

" I don't understand. Mana? And what's with this master business?"

" I will everything my Lord. But I would advise you to take some rest now. Your Mana is running wild currently. It is bad for your health."

As she was saying that she came close to me on all her fours and pulled me into her chest. The soft and bouncy feeling of her large chest was too much. I got hard. But instead of pleasure I felt hatred. *BHAM* I pushed her shoulders to escape from her clutches and stood up. I could feel some heat inside my chest increasing.

"Stay away you vixen."

" My Lord your Mana is acting Please, you have to calm down."

" Shut up!!"

I walked backwards to get some distance between us.

" Master please stay still. It's dark let me get some more light before you begin to move in the room."

That's when, in the most horrible timing ever, I stumbled due to raised behind me and I fell down, head first to again.

"Master!! "

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