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Chapter 2 : PROLOGUE 2

My Isekai Adventure

: No character in the story is meant to immitate any real human breathing on earth. If it seems to it's pure coincidence.

A\N : Hey guys! So here is part two of the prologue. Hope you enjoy it.

Jan 1, 2020 after the sudden stop of the , the United Government decided to send a few scientist to Tokyo to do some research on this ring. I, Kai Kasugi was teamed up with four other great scientist. Among the other four was Yuri Kanase my first and only love. I first met her during the early stages of my first research on the theory of multiple Knowing that she was working on the same topic, I supported her in her research. Two years later we ended up winning the Noble prize in science together. We had stars, outshining everyone else together. But after that day we parted ways as our field of interest changed. Now I was re united with her. For me this seemed like destiny.

" Hey.....Long time no see".

" Kai Kasugi, it sure has been a long time. Hope you have been keeping well".

The warm smile on her face made me feel as though I was in Paradise valley when I was actually standing in middle of a dead city.

I was so happy seeing her after such a long time that I just stared at her beautiful face. The lush bushy hair swaying in the dry hot wind. Her stance imprisoning my

"Ahem! Ahem! Kai, shouldn't we start the research now? The rest of the team is waiting for us at the tent."

" Yeah of course. Let's go".

As we walked across the empty streets I could only think of one thing - a future with her.

We entered the tent to find three men waiting for us. Arima, Johnson and Karl. They were surprisingly just too handsome to be scientist. I know what you are thinking but Yuri is entirely a different case.

" Hey everyone", spoke Johnson, " I don't think any is necessary, all of us know each other here. So it's better if we do not waste anymore time. So yes, start moving your asses. And yes, as you all might have heard I am the leader of the team. So yes, everyone is following my orders. And yes, especially you Mr. Kasugi. So yes, get working! "

' Man why is he targeting me?! Does he have any grudge on me?! '

I suddenly felt a burst of rage but I kept it to myself cause I didn't want to act immaturely in front of my love interest. I shut my mouth and headed out to shut myself inside my personal tent and began the study.

Back at the other tent,

" Johnson, oh my man! Did everyone see his face! It was so funny! Uahhahaha."

" Boys you better not piss him off. You do know our depends on him. He won't share with us the credit if we don't treat him well"

" Yes my lady, I shall obey your every command. But his face! Uahhahaha."

" Karl stop your laughter. It's disgusting. And Yuri-sama I don't think you have to worry about anything we can easily steal his findings. I have connected his computer system to mine. I will know everything he does. And moreover he is already head over heels for you. In the worst case you can him to give us the credit."

" Well if it comes down to the worst case I have another idea...."

Two days later....

' What are these high frequency waves. And with such intensity. I can't imagine the amount of energy required to keep this thing open. '

As I said that to myself I scrolled through the data and I hit upon a pattern. Upon of the of wave I found presence of oxygen and carbon on the other side of the portal.

The other side, it's not empty! There might be land, water and atmosphere! There is a new world out there! As I realized that I rushed out of my tent only to bump into a tall bulky man, Arima.

" Hey Kai. You seem to be in a hurry. Did something happen?"

" I found it! The other's's..not empty! There is land and and. We have to send someone out there!"

" Hey hey calm down."

" I have to inform the government now!"

" What's the hurry brother? I have few friends here I shall ask them to take the scientific equipment and go to the other side and report back to us from there. Won't it be better if we can give the government big exciting news ? Come follow me"

As he said that he pulled me back into the tent where the other three scientists were ,along with few men who looked like thugs.

" Killua, Todo , Mizoki, my boy Kai has land on the other side I need you three to take and other research equipment to the other side and report back to us. "

" Hai!!"

" Mr. Kasugi why don't you take a seat....."

The three boys prepared themselves to go to the other side. I was surprised to see how unhesitantly they moved into the portal. I was told that they were members of families who were in debt to Arima's family. Their families were promised pardon from debt if they took part in this

' The world is always ruled by the ones who have money and power'

The five of us sat together to analyze the report .

There first man to enter Killua sopke,

" Whoa! This is fabulous. I am in some kind of forest. There are here though they don't look like ones on earth they are definitely with leaves of different colour red, blue , orange and too."

Todo spoke ," Haaaa? Where are you ? I can't see you here and where is the forest? I can just see vast sand in all I am in a desert."

I asked Todo, " Mr.Todo is there anything different about that I mean like when compared to Earth?"

" Well this is definitely not earth. It ....has two suns."

Johnson was the first to from the excitment and to open his mouth.

" With this two things are confirmed. One, the other side is habitable. Two, the portal seems to be sending them to random ;

"Mizoki here. Man you guys won't believe me I can see....I must be hallucinating....No, this can't be possible...Hey, please please go away..... No no. NOO!!!"

"Mizoki !? What happened? Mizoki? Can you hear me? Mizoki? Mizoki!?"

" Stop that Kai....look at his life signs. He is dead. Just what did he ;

"Mizoki died? Is this safe? The desert... it's safe right? AHHHH!! HELP!!"

" What in the world is happening?! Arima-sama please bring me back. I don't want to be in this forest anymore! The portal it's gone! I am sure it was just here! This is where I dropped!.....oh holy mother. I am sorry mom."

Keee....Keee...Keee... All the three explorers had died. I couldn't believe it. Their final screams painful echoed in my head.

Once again Johnson spoke up first,

" Two more things are now confirmed. One, the portal drops you at a random Two, that , it's dangerous and moreover once you go there , it's impossible to return back."

The silence continued for another minute or so untill Yuri spoke up,

"It's sad that they died. But they should be proud they died in the name of science, for the greater good of humanity. Nevertheless I want to make one point clear now. Kai."

Yuri shifted her gaze from the group to me. As she stared at me she was nothing like Yuri I knew. I could feel even radiating from her.

" Kai. I want you to give us all the credit of your To be exact I want you to give all the credit to me."

" Ha? What are you telling? We are a team . Of course I will share the credit but giving away all the credit, that's ... You are joking right?"

" Boys, capture him. "

Suddenly the three other scientist sprang upon me and held my hands and pushed me to my knees.

" You are really a fool Kai Kasugi. Being a three time Noble prize winner you never realized that I was just using you from the very first day we met."

" How? How can you do this to me? I loved you. Remember all the dates we went? All the time we researched together? The romantic movie we watched in the theater? The expensive dinner we had at the 8 star hotel which left us broke for two whole months? The day. The day when we climbed the stage together to receive the reason of our lives? Was it all just an act? Was all of that love fake?"

" Tch. You bastard. Falling in love with you! You stink. Boys why don't you just throw him into the portal. The world will be so better without him."

" Yuri what are you saying? Arima! Johnson! Karl! Why are you listening to a demon like her? Why?!why....."

They pulled me all the way to the portal as I cried. It was probably the first time I cried since the last five years. I wasn't crying because my credit was taken away. I wasn't crying because of my ill fate. I wasn't crying because I couldn't get another Noble. I wasn't crying because I got fooled. I wasn't crying because my entering into the portal meant death. I was crying because, I was betrayed my the girl I loved.

They threw me into portal. I felt powerless. I uttered my last words,

"Sorry grandpa I won't be there for you. I am sorry."

As I said that I fell and drifted into the dark void.

A\N: God I am so sleepy. It's past midnight now. Once again I hope you enjoyed the chapter. With this the prologue ends. I will try my best to put chapter one as soon as possible. Please leave a like and comment so that it motivates me to continue writing. I would also like to thank everyone who supported me after reading the first prologue. Your is what allowed me to write this in the middle of the night. So please feel free to share your thoughts on the story. Goodnight guys.

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