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Chapter 1 : PROLOGUE 1

My Isekai Adventure

: No character in the story is meant to immitate any real human breathing on earth. If it seems to it's pure coincidence.

A\N: I recently got a new idea for a isekai novel and it got me really excited. I quickly wanted to share with you guys the glimpse or the prologue of the novel. Hope it triggers the spark of interest within you all. If you like the idea pls leave a like , comment down below and share it with your friend so that the community can grow.

It all started, in the month of November of the year 2019 when a large portal opened up at Tokyo. As soon as it appeared it emitted continuously a dense purple cloud of gas which quickly filled the main streets of Tokyo. The cloud slowly flowed over the ground like lava, corroding and destroying everything in it's path .Trees died as their leaves dried and withered, buildings as the metal rust and broke, the tar roads cracked as though it was a bad land during drought, animals and people who inhaled it suddenly died due to instant multiple organ faillures. Nothing which was exposed to this fume survived. The news spread like wild fire on the web. Scientist from all over the world and the governments of every powerful country joined hands to look into this matter. By the end of November the whole of Tokyo was destroyed. Thousand had to evacuate and rehabilitate while many left the country. But surprisingly on the strike of the midnight hour on New year's Eve the portal stopped spitting out more fumes and by early morning of January 1st the entire fog had cleared leaving behind a devasted inhabitable artificial landscape. The scientists took this as a wonderful opportunity to study the portal upclose. The United Government put together a group of five young scientists to look it up. And one of the five was myself, Kai Kasugi. A high school dropout, a pure shut-in and a three time Noble prize winner. Quite oxymoronic. Well that is how it all began. That is how my journey began - from a portal in middle of Tokyo.

Warning: This not your everyday merry merry isekai web novel

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