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Chapter 47 : Leaving the Kingdom

The Witch Bone

Bai Hua didn't have time to clean out all the rats in the kingdom but having left a spy of his own somehow made him feel a kind of He was not interested in the political affairs of the kingdom. But he didn't like how people were undermining his father in his own territory!

Only some days were remaining before he left for his school. He had used the time to visit the boss lady secretly after the incident. He had left some for her telling her to write reports every once a week and to send it to the shamans. He had assured that the shamans will be very "willing" to keep an eye on her.

The day before he left for the school with Wana, he had taken out time to meet Imsong. And ever since he had awakened he had not needed to enter the Sacred Grove nor the Lotus Space that belonged to Imsong. He had come in and out of the quarters of the shaman as if he was the head instead of Imsong.

And now he was facing Imsong who seemed to be trying all her best not to strangle Bai Hua. Her face was with a fake smile that made Bai Hua's hair stand up.

"I can ," Bai Hua offered, but before he could continue he was cut off by Imsong.

"You used my token to form a contract with a mortal? And also told the mortal to send reports to my base? What were you thinking to meddle with a business that should be of no concern to you?" Imsong asked with an arched eyebrow and a smile that sent chills down Bai Hua's spine.

He gulped and raised his hands as if he was trying to guard himself against an attack.

"Listen, Imsong. Calm down. I had to do it! It's my kingdom after all. And they were not nice people. I had to find out how they got the guts to conspire against my father. I am sure there is a conspiracy brewing. The entire imperial city reeks of it!"

"Conspiracies are everywhere. No kingdom exist without one! They are of no concern to you! It will be dealt with like it always has been. Thousands of years I have abstained from politics and you just dragged my shamans into it like we are your personal guards."

"But, but... It's for a good cause. I don't want the people of this kingdom to suffer--"

"You should have thought of that when you first decided to abandon your duty and escaped to other worlds!" Imsong fumed.

"Okay, okay. I am sorry. I am leaving soon. Please help me this one time. I'll reward you once I get back all my memories," Bai Hua negotiated.

Imsong was still reluctant but agreed to help him. She gave him one last angry stare and listened to his In the end, she realised that it wasn't a bad and didn't need too much of her time.

Bags were packed. Letters were written. Carriages were made ready. The final day for Bai Hua to leave for his school came. He was half-hearted about the whole school thing. But how bad can it be, he had thought.

Imsong had insisted that he travel and gather his memories while also keeping his aura away from the kingdom for some time so as to remove all of Anna, the Fire Witch.

Bai Hua's father had only offered some words as they parted. His father had seemed to think that Imsong was tearing them apart. His father was going to need a new punching bag.

While Imsong had just given him a small pouch the size of his fist telling him that it was originally his. All that time Wana had kept quiet, feeling bored.

Both of them got into the carriage and with a lurch, the carriage started moving.

Wana was sitting by the window as if sitting with Bai Hua inside the same carriage annoyed her. She didn't speak to him the entire journey and he got bored.

As they finally crossed the boundary of the kingdom and entered another kingdom, it was already dusk. Bai Hua had already eaten whatever lunch was packed for him while Wana had not even batted an towards him he ate. She had not eaten. And he was sure she could survive without eating for many days. But he could not. For some reason, he had been eating much more lately. His adult mind was telling him that it was because he was at the growing stage and needed food to match with his physical growth. While the part of his brain which still had memories of his life from his poor days in Nanjing told him that a poor man was forever always going to be fascinated by good food. The stigma of the poor had followed him even to this life.

He sighed and said, "We'll have to rest at an inn soon."

To which Wana did not even reply.

"Look, I don't know why you don't like me. But we need to speak to each other so as to communicate. Your mother told me to look out for each other. But you're not making this easy for me."

She turned when she heard the word "mother" and said, "Ah, she said that, did she? So now I have to babysit you as well?"

He felt insulted! He was sure that he was older than her. Though he may look younger at the moment. But he was sure if they compared their real ages, he was the older cousin here!

"Then, don't me for being I am going to do whatever I like!"

"Like you always have," she said and continued to ignore him.


He got up and went to speak to the coachman to stop when he sees an inn nearby. It was a three days journey and the first day wasn't exactly the best day of his life after his into this world.

He sighed and prayed inwardly to reach the school faster. At least, he'll find other or anything as long as he was not near this cold princess!

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