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Chapter 7 : Chapter 6

Love Me Again (Dropped)


It's been a month already since we became friends and I realized I like her, no, scratch that, I realized I like her so much.

It wasn't that hard to figure it out but I chose not to tell her right now. Why, you ask? It's not because I'm afraid or anything..... OK I'm slightly afraid but that's not the main reason.

She just broke up with her boyfriend and I feel like she need a friend right now instead of a new boyfriend.




Anyway coming back to me, I was very thin and kinda short when I was a child. Coupled with my average looks I was easily bullied. Due to that I had severe complex in my childhood.

So my dad suggested to learn taekwando as he say it makes you strong and help me build some self confidence. Even though I was reluctant at first I learned it diligently and even won some

Anyway the point is I know taekwando and I'm damn good at it.

It did build me some muscle and self-esteem but still I could be considered thin. Although bullying stopped after I kicked the bully right on his face (it became a big issue that time and even my parents had to come to school as my kick made him bleed, literally *grin*) I wanted to have more muscle on my body.

So I started doing weights, of course to my instructor's Now I can proudly say I have a very good body ( wait, that sounds very inappropriate) with a decent ability to fight.




We completed our lunch and we stood up to go in our own ways.

We've known each other for a month now and we can be considered close. So I courageously went forward and hugged her. Hah now it's your turn to get shocked and maybe some blush I thought chuckling. But expected never came.

"Done hugging?" she chuckled.

I got flustered and released her.

Seeing my face she said "What? Did you expect me to blush?" she asked snickering.

Before I even get to respond she hugged me tight. She released me after some time. I was still frozen solid.

She said "Cutie" and went away laughing.

Damn! She got me again. And how dare she call me, a manly man, cutie? She's goner for sure.





I walked away from him and went to washroom. There I started taking deep breaths to calm myself.

Damn that ! What's with that sudden hug? Can he not be so sudden some times? I was actually not as calm as I pretended to be in front of him.

I was actually blushing hard when he hugged me but I understood immediately that he wanted to see me blush. So I had to pretend to be calm.

Still I like him. He can be a real cutie sometimes. I didn't know from when but I do know that I like him. I wanted to ask him out but it's only been a month since I broke up. So if I ask him out it may seem desperate, also I'm not too sure if he likes me back or not, although I'm kinda positive that he does like me too.

We'll see what happens.

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