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Chapter 4 : Forming a Core

Azure Lightning

I once again woke up in what apparently was my room. I got up and checked to make sure my eye was fine and to my relief, nothing about it had seemed to change. Until I started looking around and noticed that out of the corner of my eye, I could see sparks flicker in and out of my

Before I could test my new , my self-styled master entered the room and after observing that I was awake remarked,

"So, you're awake. It seems as if the was From now on, it might be less painful. Now go back to your training room. There's some food left, so, eat it before we start your training again."

Before I could reply, he walked out of the room. I sat there for a while not wanting to move and possibly experience the pain again. Eventually, my stomach betrayed me, and I started walking down the hallway wondering what kind of food I might be receiving. I was quite looking forward to tasting it considering the grandness of everything in this I was assuming the food would also be to the same grand level.

I arrived at the training room. The man who had awoken me the first day was there, he was standing next to the coils with one hand extended holding a silver I went up to him to grab the , but as soon as I got within ten feet, he removed the lid in one smooth revealing a hunk of old bread and some kind of salted meat. I couldn't help but ask,

"Why in a so grand, do I get such shitty food?"

To which his reply was,

"The master has told me to let you know that if you wish to experience pleasures in life, you should quickly finish your training and leave this because this is all you will get while you are here."

I bit back my retort knowing there was no point in arguing with him. I would just have to bear with until I got strong enough to resist his crazy demands. I began my training, trying to control the lightning. As the park entered my eye again, I passed out from the pain as I had done on my attempt.

This training would continue every day. Eventually, the pain subsided, and I managed to fully the lightning elements into my eyes. This not only allowed me to see the sparks everywhere but also increased my dramatically so that I could see a speck of dust a mile away.

He then had me continue this training with all my other bodyparts increasing my physical abilities in every way. When I finally finished the last part of the training, my master seemingly appeared out of nowhere and for the first time had a smile that lasted for more than two

"I see you have finished the first phase of the training. You are just one step away from starting the phase. Once you have entered into the phase, you can leave at least for a time. I will give you a , and you will need to complete it for your own good. This is to find the ruins of a sect that practiced lightning magic. There you will learn ways to fine-tune your magic instead of the brute force ways you are currently using."

He then handed me a map and started pointing out different on it. Showing me the general path I should take for my journey. Of course, for me, the only I cared to know about was the first city. I was in no hurry to finish his and come back to this where all I was allowed to do was train, sleep and eat incredibly unappetizing meals.

After he finished talking about the route I should follow, he marked it on the map. Then he started talking about the next phase of my training. This definitely drew my interest, not because I cared about getting stronger, but it was my only ticket out of this

"The phase of your training is to create a lightning core. This is a compressed bunch of lightning elements that should sit in the middle of the chest. This will allow you to actually wield the lightning instead of just increasing your physical abilities as you in the first phase. It will also allow you to use lightning skills that will give you the ability to do all variety of things such as and other higher magic. Unfortunately for you, to gain these capabilities, you will need to finish the I gave you. Now, start your next phase. Sit in your training spot and begin. The process of creating the lightning core should only take a few hours."

I practically sprinted to the practice spot. I had not realized that this next phase would only take a few hours. I had been preparing myself for months of training before I could be free of this It took thirty extra minutes for me to be calm enough to follow his I started gathering the lightning elements towards my chest using the methods I had mastered over the months of training.

As the lightning elements gathered in my chest, it took all my willpower to keep them contained. Slowly the elements became more and more concentrated until finally the core stabilized with the individual sparks no longer trying to shoot off in every but forming a complicated dance where each one restrained another. My master seemingly sensing that I was done appeared next to me.

"Now that you have stabilized your core try making them elements in your core go to your left hand."

After a few attempts, I finally managed to urge some of the elements in my core to travel my left hand. As soon as they reached my hand, mini lightning bolts sprouted from my fingers before the elements quickly disappeared and were slowly reabsorbed back into my core. My master nodded his head before saying the words I would here for a long time.

"You now realize why the core can be so useful. While you're on your , I have given you three things you need to do at least an hour each day. Practice controlling the elements when you release them from your core, so they don't all dispense before you get close to your enemy. You can form it to do different things besides creating lightning bolts from your fingers.

You need to absorb more elements into your core so you can create and control larger groups of elements. The last thing you need to learn is the ability to the elements from your core to the rest of your body to help strengthen your body even more."

I gave him my acknowledgment that I both understood and would follow his And I actually would because I didn't mind being stronger even if it isn't wasn't my biggest He then turned, made a wave and suddenly a staircase appeared in the wall circling upwards in an immeasurable height through the rock.

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