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Chapter 5 : United

The Last Survivor

As the scream rang out again , Rajesh dashed to the barn , where Mr. Shivam came out carrying a pitchfork in his hand

"You two go and check what's happening, I'll go get my gun" saying that he rushed towards his house

Rajesh ran from the other side and Anil from the other side of the house

Rajesh ran until he was on the back side of the house

Rajesh was paralyzed with fear when he saw the gruesome sight

Some Undeads were trying to grab Rohit whose left leg was crushed under the wheel of the tractor and was trapped

Bird was sitting on top of the tractor and it didn't take enough time for the Undeads to grab Bird and was dragging him to its mouth

Rajesh mind whirred with a no. of

What if they both die ?

Should I save Rohit or Bird ?

Caught in his weird thoughts Rajesh ran to Bird and without realizing it - picked up a wooden and started smacking the zombie which was grabbing him

He freed him and handed over to Anil

He ran to the other side and tried to pull Rohit away

"Hey , its crushed man , try pulling this thing off me !" He screamed at the top of his lungs

Rajesh tried pushing the tractor away but it went budge

"Hey , hey Anil , help me with this thing" Rajesh shrieked

Anil was still holding his son in his lap , he took a step back - and ran away

"ANIL , NO !" Rohit screamed as the which was holding them - broke

And the undeads crawled over him and first bit his leg , he screamed , then tore at the neck cords , red blood poured out of it

Mr. Shivam ran out carrying a double-barreled shotgun , his eyes budged in shock as the Undeads tore at his son

BAM ! He shot the first one

BAM ! He shot the one whose guts blew and got on the

He bent down and examined his sons body , he twitched a little

"Dad ?" Rohit said in a whisper

"Yes son I'm here , don't worry we'll fix you up" His dad said in a sobbing tone

He coughed and then said "Raj tried to save me

"I know , I know son" Mr. Shivam nearly cried

"I'm gonna be fine Dad , I'm gonna be -" he never finished his sentence

He died

Mr. Shivam closed his eyes "Just get out"

Then he got up with an angry on his face and screamed "GET THE HECK OUTTA MY FARM"

"Look I'm sorry okay" Anil said

"Sorry ? , You don't deserve to be sorry , only because of you , my son died" Mr. Shivam said angrily "You tried to help Raj but this piece of shit let him die"

"Look , it's not his fault , he was just scared" Rajesh tried to assure him

"But why weren't you scared , Huh ? , You just helped them , and this ball of grief ran away"

He yelled "Please just go , GET OUT and never ever come back"

"You owe a ride to Mumbai for saving my son" Anil offered

Rajesh looked at Mr. Shivam and then Preeti

They all walked from Mr. Shivam and Rohit's dead body , the last thing they saw was Rohit's fingers twitching

Their pickup came to a squealing stop before a drugstore

"Ah ! Damn it !" He the steering

"What's the matter ?" Preeti asked

"The fuels gone , have to find more to save our skin" Anil answered

They opened the door and walked to a distance

Rajesh walked some further when he saw something hit his head , it was exactly the same drugstore which his family had before he went to jail

"Hey ! hey dude , got some gas ? , our supply runnin' low" Anil waved at a man who was finding something by an overturned truck

They soon realized that it was a Dead who was feeding on someone

"Shit !" Anil shrieked

"We're trapped !" Kajal shrieked

Bird screamed when one of them got him by the shoulders and tried to push him down


Someone shot the Dead and all the blood was on his face

Rajesh turned to see a lady shooting them down one by one

"C'mon Hurry !" A Nepali looking man towards the drugstore main gate

They all ran and The Nepali locked the door shut

They all breathed a sigh of relief when they got inside , they can still hear them smacking on the door

"Piece of Shit , who are all these people" An elderly looking man screamed

"Dad , please calm down" a lady pleaded

"What's going on ?" A fatty looking man asked

"These people needed help" The lady who saved Bird said

"Bullshit ! , these might be bitten , we're tossing 'em out right now" The old man screamed again

"No no no I'm cleaning him up , there's no bite" she said

"She can't see it because he's covered in muk, soon she's gonna a bite and the first thing he's gonna do is to bite her mother's face off" He yelled

"He's right , we should leave them on our own" Her daughter said

"Whoa , whoa , whoa , chill out lady , there's no one we're going to toss out" Rajesh demanded

"Don't you people get it ? if he's bitten , he gonna bite us too and we're gonna the filthy corpses with no souls" he screamed again " We have to end this now" he moved towards Bird but Anil blocked his path "Over my dead body , Sucker !"

"You freak , are you not getting it , we should toss him out or - or smash his head off" the old man demanded

"Bullshit !" Anil screamed

"Honey , stop him !" Kajal pleaded

"Bird's not goin' to die , I'll handle this old freak" Anil assured

"Why don't we throw you out , that would be easier , doesn't it ?" The old man said

"Hey , old man , talking to my friend like this and you will end with a swollen , no-good chubby nose , freak !" Rajesh screamed

"Hey , I'm not the bad guy here , I'm just protecting my daughter" he protested

"No ! , you're willing to kill a kid" Anil shot back

"Hey , everyone calm down , all right ,

everything's gonna be fine" The gun lady said

While Preeti tucked at Rajesh's shirt sleeve "Raj ?"

"What is it ?" Rajesh demanded angrily

"I - I have to pee !" She demanded

"In a minute , Preeti" He shrugged her off , she made a disguisted face

"Raj ?" Preeti loudly whispered

"Yup" Rajesh answered

"There's someone inside" Preeti said

"It's locked and the keys might be behind the counter , Probably" Rajesh again shrugged her off

"Hey , everyone please just calm down , please just -"anyone who spoke didn't finish its sentence

There was a loud shriek to be heard of and Rajesh instantly it

It was Preeti !

An undead was crawling to her and was nearly to her leg

When Rajesh ran , he bumped into someone and hit his head in the drawer, he saw a blurred image of Preeti running and the Undead closing towards her

Rajesh ran at full speed and tackled the undead into the wall , it didn't move towards him

His lower half was dangling by his upper half only by a nerve and its chest was pierced by a pointed hanging rack

It was still alive but Rajesh punched it really hard and it died

Then heavy smacking on doors was to be heard , soon they realized many undeads were closing in

Then out of nowhere blur gunshots were to be heard from a mile away

"Is that the military ?" Rajesh asked silently

"Thank God for whatever the hell is that thing" The Nepali man answered

Then more heavy smackings were to be heard

"They're gonna get in" The old man whined

"Shut up !" Anil whispered loudly

The gunshots and the smackings disappeared after some time

"We could've died because of this piece of crap , that was insane , that was - Aaaaaaah !" he screamed softly and toppled on the floor

"Dad !" Her daughter yelled

"Is he all right ?" Rajesh asked

"No , its is heart , he's having his heart problems and we are trying our level best to get into the pharmacy and get those pills.....what were their name ?"

"Nitroglycerine pills" Kajal spoke for her

"Yes , I've been dreading to take the pills from the pharmacy but we can't find the keys , can you help us ?"

"Maybe there's an office we can go through" Rajesh suggested

"How do you know there's an office ?" The gun lady asked

"Ummm....Educated guess ?" Rajesh stammered

"Before starting let me introduce I'm Naina" The gun lady said

"I'm Devansh" The fatty one said

"I'm Harpreet and this is my Dad Manjit" The old man's daughter said

"I'm Fa Heng" The Nepali one said

"I'm Rajesh but you can call me Raj and this is Preeti" He said

"I'm Anil , my wife Kajal and my son Bird"

"Okay so Devansh , you go check on back door , Naina you can rest for now you handled that gun pretty well , Harpreet you can take care of your Dad and Fa Heng you can go out and search for some gas , inform us when you've got them , Got it ?" Rajesh

"Okay" everyone said in unison

Rajesh found a candy bar and gave it to bird and Preeti

When he was searching for Devansh Anil was for him to come towards him

"What's the matter with you" Rajesh asked

"Can I talk to you for a ?" Anil said

"Look , man I didn't really ran away , I mean

"I.....chickened out there" Anil protested

"It happens man , look , I also bashed a poor

girls head" Rajesh said

"Whoa !, that's sick" Anil

"Yeah it really is" Rajesh agreed "Console ?"

"Of course man" Then he backed away

Then the lights went out

"Huh ?"

"Who turned off the lights ?"

"Where's the power switch ?"

"Can anybody hear me ?"

All the baffled voices rang out at once

Then Rajesh heard soft growls , thousands of them

Oh no ! Rajesh thought Not again !

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