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Chapter 7 : I Chose This Path, I Have No Regrets

Chronicles of The Great Chicken

The young chicken moved towards the fatty's body. The chicken found the magical storage pouch inside fatty's clothes.

He used his beak to take away the storage pouch from fatty's body. From the memories of the expert, the chicken knew about the importance of magical storage items. He wanted to open the storage pouch but lack of power made it impossible.

The chicken searched the clothes of fatty for more treasures, but he found nothing. It seemed all his valuables were inside the storage pouch.

"I need to start soon," the chicken knew if he wanted to survive then he need to get stronger otherwise he would really a fried chicken. The humans in this universe are so cruel that they don't mind killing their own blood much less a chicken like him.

Just for safety concerns, he once again launched his beak attack on the fatty. This time the target were not fatty's testicles but his neck. The chicken knew about the entire structure of human body, so he aimed a nerve which would make sure the fatty couldn't step up in next few hours.

For more safety, the chicken started removing the high grade spirit stones in the portal array. He only kept the minimum number of spirit stone necessary for a two-way journey. Just in case, if in the outside there was more danger, he could come back again. The lack of spirit stones would make it harder for others to follow him back.

Within a span of five minutes he removed around a hundred high-grade spirit stones. The spirit stones were blue and oval. The size was that of an apple.

Chicken felt it was a pity since he can't take away the spirit stones with him. He can't use the storage pouch, and he didn't have any clothes like human cultivators.

He knew the heaven-defying bead he has eaten has the ability to store spirit stones and even absorb their energy. Currently he lacked the ability to control bead.

The young chicken looked behind him. Few miles away, he saw chickens fighting against the dozens or so cultivators. Even though the cultivators tried to not kill them, a few chickens still died.

He felt guilty for using and discarding them. The young chicken couldn't guarantee his own safety much less the others.

The chicken gave a sigh and moved towards the portal. He has chosen the path of freedom, and he knew he was destined to be lonely.

"Perhaps I might die a death worse than any chicken has suffered, but at least I would have no excuses. "

The chicken was surrounded by blue light as his final words resounded inside the

"I chose this path, I have no regrets."


When the chicken opened his eyes, he found himself in a gigantic hall. There were no one inside the hall besides him and three portals.

"Have I escaped from my fate? Or this is just another cage?"

The chicken moved away from the portal he came and moved towards the other portals. He was rather surprised about the lack of guards but than again the sect would never expect a chicken or a fish or a herb to escape!

Young chicken moved around and studied the arrays of the portals to other The memories of the expert has a treasure of knowledge on alchemy, talisman, arrays, etc. One can judge the of the portal by studying the array located inside the portal.

The arrays of each portal was different which made the chicken realize that not all the were focused on poultry farming.

Like one of the portal has arrays guarding against the flow of water. It made the chicken realise the pocket was a water-type world. The pocket he originally came from was earth-type world.

The last portal array's were to the poultry portal, with the that the number of wood were in thousands!

"This portal leads to a spirit farm !"

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