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Chapter 6 : World Doesn't Appreciate Kindness!

Chronicles of The Great Chicken

The beak of the chicken landed on the fatty's balls with a strong force.

Groin attack! There was sound of cracks from the lower part of fatty's body.

His hands clutched his groin as the painful invaded his body and his face became white. The pain was so unbearable that he fell to his knees. There were tears in his eyes!

The testicle is the most sensitive part of a man's body. Even a tap is painful, much less a full on blow which can shut down a man's brain for a good 5-10

The fatty has it worse! His balls were attacked by a sharp beak! The fatty couldn't believe a chicken can come up with such a dirty scheme.

The chicken feigned aim at his head while his true aim was his balls!

Fatty was crying. Whether you are a mortal or an Immortal, the attack on balls gives an unbearable pain! This law applied to every male irrespective of the strength!

God! My balls have cracked! Heavens, please help me. My balls are swelling. There is even blood!

How can a young chicken know about low blow?

Which son-of-a-bitch taught the young chicken such an underhanded technique?!?

A moment ago, he has said that he would turn the chicken into a fried chicken! He didn't defend or dodge when the young chicken started his attack.

A chicken daring to attack a golden core realm cultivator? Courting death. This was his thoughts before the attack landed.

, this chicken was different. The chicken used a mixture of force and wits to overpower a golden core cultivator!

The fatty himself for underestimating the young chicken. He regretted thinking he was teaching the chicken its !

Who could have expected the chicken would teach him about the true pain! The chicken used fatty's masculine pride to defeat him!

Shameless! Totally shameless.

The chicken has no sense of conduct! Even during life-and-death battle, a cultivator would never use such an attack!

The fatty his hands on the wall as he tried to stood up. He has to kill the chicken otherwise he would never be able to face himself. He promised himself that he would fry the chicken alive!


Another beak attack fell on fatty's balls! This time the pain was so unbearable that he passed out!

The young chicken was panting. He gave a sigh of relief seeing fatty

"It was truly dangerous," the young chicken thought. The chicken never thought his will work out so well.

He used his 'Will' to scare every chicken out in the pocket by projecting the scenes of heaven-shaking wars.

When the chicken fused with the red bead and has his body mutated, he has 'seen' the of and the of life. He has 'witnessed' terrible wars which led to genocide.

Furthermore, he has also inherited memories of the owner of this divine bead. In those memories, there were many scenes of The young chicken projected these memories to scare the chickens. He made sure that he didn't scare them so much that they fainted.

He surrounded every part of the pocket with the scenes of war except the where portal is located. The chickens thought the was safe, so they ran away here to escape.

The young chicken hides himself in sight by joining the chickens as they attacked on the

From the memories, the chicken knew the was most likely where the portal is in the pocket All his schemes for coming inside the In the process, hundreds of chickens died.

The young chicken gave a sigh for his fallen comrades. He was a chicken but also not a chicken.

He has gained enlightenment and now his thoughts were totally different.

The memories of the expert has helped chicken learn about the great world outside.

A world full of free air without the chains of

The young chicken wondered if he would be able to find freedom. He knew the outside world was terrible but it was far better than the poultry farm where his only fate was to be eaten.

The chicken moved towards the fatty. The chicken has learned about the 'greatest weakness' of men through the memories of the expert.

From the memories, the chicken knew that men were extremely proud of their groin The chicken was confused as to why would human men feel proud of their weak part?

It didn't matter to chicken why the men were so proud of their 'weakness' as long as he could exploit their weakness.

While the young chicken has not started the , his body was far stronger than an ordinary Qi Refining stage person. The bead has his body when they fused with each other.

The chicken knew the only way to defeat the fatty was to use knowledge of fatty's greatest weakness. From the memories, he knew human cultivators truly looked down on the chickens. For them the chickens were nothing but food.

The young chicken was sure fatty would ignore his attack, but just to be on safe idea, he feigned attack on fatty's head while the true aim was the balls!

The chicken originally to attack fatty only once. Even though the chicken has 'seen' the brutality of the world, he truly couldn't bring himself to harm someone unless it was necessary. The chicken thought one attack was enough on fatty's balls.

Before young chicken's first attack landed, the fatty said that he would turn the chicken into fried chicken!

The young chicken could understand thousands of languages used in this world thanks to the memories of supreme expert.

The chicken was incensed when he heard the fatty's words!

Young chicken everything so far because he didn't want to a fried chicken!

But now the fatty want to fry him! The young chicken became angry, and so he two consecutive attack on fatty's groin!

"I wanted to show by only attacking once, but the world truly don't appreciate kindness!"

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