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Chapter 5 : The Escape (Part 3)

Chronicles of The Great Chicken

The fatty ran back to the He has scanned the entire pocket with his divine , but he found nothing which could the chickens current

So he decided to go back to the as it has a portal to the branch office. He has to contact the branch chief and bring in spirit doctors for help.

If more chickens died then he feared he would be executed by the branch chief!

The branch chief has executed a disciple from the herb pocket for negligence! So far, no one from the poultry has been executed!

But if the chickens suffered some permanent damage, then he would the first human to be executed in the history of Food Dao Sect! He wanted to first in many things but not first in !

A human dying in order to compensate the loss of chickens?

No way! The fatty didn't want to die in such a shameful manner! He wouldn't be able to face his ancestors in the heavens.

The fatty ran towards the portal to outer world while the other disciples tried to control the revolting chickens.

The portal was in the shape of a gate inside a wall. Fatty took out jade token and put it as a key inside the portal.

The fatty was able to sense that some dozen chickens were reaching to him. He wasn't worried even if few chickens reached to the branch. They could be used by spirit doctors for studying the symptoms. For now, the fatty gave to the portal.

The portal started releasing blue light. Fatty was about to step in the portal when he felt a presence behind him.

He turned back and saw a young chicken leaving behind the older chickens! The young chicken jumped towards the fatty. The young chicken's beak was aimed at fatty's head!

Fatty was amused. He didn't mind for a if it can teach this chicken its !

A single chicken daring to attack a golden core realm cultivator?

How laughable.

"Snort. I don't know what happened to chickens for being them so frantic, but a young chicken attacking me alone? Seems like you want to a fried chicken!"

The fatty said with laughter. He knew the young chicken couldn't understand human language but it felt good to say those words.

The fatty didn't dodge the attack of young chicken's beak nor did he stopped the chicken. He wants the chicken to know its destiny.

The fatty has a self-satisfied , but then he became shocked!

The young chicken modified its trajectory in the air at the final moment!


The attack was no longer aimed at fatty's head!

Now the target was fatty's most vulnerable point!

The chicken's beak attack landed on fatty's testicles!


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