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Chapter 3 : The Escape (Part #1)

Chronicles of The Great Chicken

The lower-rank pocket costed Reverend a lot. Of course the reason for such high cost was the ability to support living beings.

From thousands of years, Reverend has experimented on different types of food dishes. He is a very talented spirit chef in the Vast Immortal Domain. In fact, he even got the honor to cook for Celestial Emperor once!

In the world, strength is the supreme. Most cultivators look down on the of alchemists, artifact refiner, array masters, master and spirit chef.

But what those cultivators don't know is strength is just one type of Dao. There are other Dao as well. The aim is to achieve the Dao for glory. Who says the other Dao don't offer power?

Spirit chef have a high not just because they could cook food. The real reason is they could bring out the full efficiency of the raw materials used. If you consume a herb directly, at best you can absorb 60-70% of its But if you give it to an alchemist or a spirit chef, he can make it possible for you to consume 90-95% nutrients.

Reverend owns more than a hundred pocket Some of his pocket are dedicated to rearing fishes, chickens, cows and other poultry animals. Other exist to cultivate high-tier spirit herbs.

Reverend is a Heavenly Immortal so how could he have time and patience to look after the pocket All the chores is done by his disciplines.

He is the sect head of Food Dao Sect, so he has a lot of personnel. The disciplines who look after his pocket are usually outer-disciplines. Though each pocket would have an Elder from the sect as well for main

The Food Dao Sect has many branches in the Vast Immortal Domain of Eastern Heaven. One of its lower branch is located in Jade Sky

Jade Sky is a middle-rank with most of its inhabitants being cultivators. The is very prosperous thanks to the rich spiritual energy in it.

Some pocket owned by Reverend have their space nodes on Jade Sky So the Food Dao Sect has no choice but to open a branch here for managing the pocket

On Jade Sky , the Food Dao Sect has three space nodes leading to three different pocket The first is for rearing chickens, the is for fish and the last one of for spirit herbs.

Inside the pocket for rearing chickens...

The young chicken was thinking of ways for escaping. From the memories of the expert he knew in the world all species have potential for It applied for chickens as well though there was no of any chicken in the memories.

The young chicken has a dozen methods to escape, but all of them required him to be at least in later stage of Qi Refining stage. From the memories he knew of ways to array and barriers. There were even ways to destroy the pocket ! But , all of them require power.

The poor chicken didn't even know about the before today. So how could he have powers? The young chicken promised himself to a supreme expert if he could escape...

The chicken knew it could only its hope on the bead he consumed. From the memories and his new intelligence, the chicken was sure about the heaven-defying abilities of the bead.

The expert whose memories he inherited has one of the strongest cultivator in the world thanks to the bead. If the bead could allow the expert to reach such heights then it shouldn't too much to ask for a way to escape.

For the same reason, the young chicken was carefully analyzing the memories of the expert. The memories spanned thousands of years so it was difficult for chicken to find details.

Soon the young chicken found memories about the use and abilities of the bead. Even the expert from his memories wasn't able to all the secrets of the bead. The expert assumed the bead was something created during the birth of universe.

to the memories, the bead can be used for hiding oneself. It has a large world inside! Inside the world of bead, the time can be ! In fact, the spiritual energy inside the bead world was far stronger than most in the universe!

The chicken knew this ability was useless for him temporarily as it required for him to have transfer psychic energy to the bead for The bead can also allow him to teleport, but that too,require power.

The chicken was confident it can cultivate and powerful if he was given time. But time was a commodity he lacked!

In few weeks he might be taken by the cultivators and sacrificed for satisfying their hunger. The cultivators would love to turn him into a deep roasted chicken!

The young chicken stopped himself from thinking about those images.

Damn. There has to be a way. The expert always used to say that Heavens never close all the doors.

Where is the door to my freedom?

There is only one way then! The young chicken didn't want to resort to that method if possible as it was dangerous.

Not dangerous to himself but dangerous to other chickens.

The chicken knew its birth parents were most likely turned into nutrients for some cultivator. To be honest he didn't have any kinship feeling, but he still felt sad after gaining intelligence.

He didn't have any attachment to the other chickens as well but if possible he didn't want to harm them. They were of same race carrying same tragic fate.

He knew this thinking was dangerous for a cultivator. Cultivators don't mind killing their own families much less others. But the chicken couldn't bring himself to do such a thing even after seeing the memories of the expert.

"No! I couldn't let myself be controlled by my ;

"Even if not for me their fate is destined to be tragic."

The chicken tried of ways to justify himself but his heart was in pain. He couldn't understand how can humans kill each other without remorse for small benefits.

He knew he has no right to judge humans for he was going to like them. For saving his life he wouldn't mind hurting others.

"Is this the price one must pay for freedom?" the chicken asked himself. His heart was full of bitterness.

The young chicken to start a of chickens in the pocket Usually, the chickens are easy to control as during their young age they are free of sexual Before they could be aggressive they are either killed and turned into food. Or used for cockfight.

The pocket forbids cockfight so the usual fate is death for mature male chickens. Of course, some specially trained male chickens are used for impregnating the hens.

The young chicken to start by inciting the chickens through the bead. While most of the abilities of the bead require psychic or spiritual power requirement; controlling lower level beings has no such requirement.

In a way, it was of Will. A higher stage being would have a powerful Will. The Will is what differentiate between the standing of the people.

From the memories, the chicken has seen the expert using the bead to overpower beasts. The young chicken to create fear among the chickens by overpowering them through his Will, and then use that fear for

The chicken has undergone after fusing with the bead. He has gained memories of the expert. If the young chicken released those images of wars from memories then nothing could stop a

, the chicken has yet to start , so he can't directly manifest his Will. To this disadvantage, he to use the bead.

While most abilities of bead require him to have sufficient base and psychic energy, the manifesting of Will doesn't have such a need. Perhaps it was nothing strange as the bead has already fused with him and has mutated his brain. Or maybe it has a different reason. The young chicken didn't care anyways as long as he can save himself.

He didn't want to a fried chicken! The young chicken wants to go out and see the world he saw in those memories. He wants to breathe air which only a free being could breathe.

For this he was ready for any sacrifice.

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