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Chapter 11 : Extra Story: a Memoir of a Necromancer

To Banana or Not To Banana

I wanted peace and quiet.

But those born with the "evil eye" that enables them to see the dead...

Cannot hope for peace and quiet.

The unwanted gift was given to me without my consent.

I wonder when it started - My miserable journey.

I told my mother that I could see my grandfather's soul after he passed away.

They started to look at me with fear on their face.

I didn't understand it at first.

Nobody understood me and grandpa.

Grandpa was lonely.

Nobody could see him or talk to him.

Grandpa was quiet.

He just looked at me with his gentle eyes.

I wondered if there were heaven and hell.

I wondered if there was the cycle of

My grandpa passed away in peace with family surround him.

After grandpa died, his another being just stood there silently.

I wonder if it is just a shadow or just my

I smiled and waved.

I asked why everyone was crying.

"Grandpa is standing over there"... I said

Pointing out in the middle of nothing.

There were rumors.

People started to say that I was some devils.

My family couldn't live with it.

One day, my mom took me to a wizard of the royal

I didn't remember much what happened.

Those memories are just a to me now.

I only remembered all the battle I had been through.

People died.



My first love who I could have never touch...

It was a long time before the kingdom crumbled...

And it that time I never even realized that I was turning into the Undead myself.

I left...

All the sorrow...

All the blood...

There were nothing left behind for me...

None of my friends were still alive.

I have nothing to stay...

I was lonely again...

Have I ever been lonely? Maybe all the time, I just didn't realize that.

I wanted peace and quiet.

Found a cave.

I just sat there.

Year after year, day after day, I wondered when the Reaper will come to harvest my dirty soul.

I laughed.

Maybe I wasn't sane anymore.

I was the Undead now.

The only thing left for me after my death would be an eternity of emptiness and silence.

- Human world

War was still going on

Many children became homeless.

They died because of starving.

Isn't it a normal thing in human world?

Always fight for resources.

A kingdom rises then a kingdom crumbles.

There will be always a king - a good or bad one.

Powerless people will be suffered.

One day, I found a pack of children in front of my cave.

I didn't know if It was my or just a fake personality.

I put some fruits I can find by using my skeletons on a piece of cloth.

The children found it.

They were really happy.

I just sat there behind the stones.

Enjoying their happiness.

I just wanted a faint of happiness of a peaceful and quiet life.

Peace and quiet...

That was all I wanted.

They found me sitting.

They weren't scared of me.

Together, we built a small house.

I did the farming.

The children helped.

Together, we cooked.

Together, we spent our lives with each other as a Family.

Together, we enjoyed every moments.


I found my love once again.

"They been corrupted."

"We must free their souls."

"Don't let their spirits fall to the necromancer."

"! !"

"Grant to the corrupted child!"

The only thing I remembered was their image of getting skewed and burned alive.

The more I wanted it, the farther it got away.

I took my revenge there and for a hundred years after.

Their screams and my dark magic must have acted like a

Because before I knew it, the abandoned coal mine I found myself holed up in had a labyrinth of writhing Undead.

Even so, I still craved peace and quiet.

And so, I waited decades, centuries...

For someone who could kill me to arrive...

As I was no longer capable of dying...

And then...

I in the Secret Art of

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