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Chapter 8 : What happened? (1)

To Banana or Not To Banana

Skely regained his and now was the day after confronting "that thing".

Also Skely finally came to understand that this Labyrinth was a dangerous with full of monsters.

Monsters like, some Mango looking thing and other giant cock which he dislike.

This probably isn't California.

This probably is kind of Chichen Itza.

Skely always knew that had cocks, giant insects, walking bananas, and some kind of bear with 4 arms.

Skely should have paid a more to things outside by watching

That way Skely could have known that there was such a dangerous country out there...

Skely cried T_T

Anyways, let's test the [Backstab] Skill.

As if by instinct, Skely just blink to the back of a skeleton captain and stab it.

System: Skeleton died.

- [Backstab] Skill leveled up by using soul essence.

- Skely gained 4 exp.

Wow, such a powerful skill. Did you see that Jello?

Jello: (????)

Sigh, I wish Jello can talk to me.

I feel like I'm going to die from loneliness.

I'm about to start crying.

[Resistance Skill [Solitude Resistance: Lv1] was acquired.]

Nani?! Wut? Hey yo system! I don't think that skill will be necessary.

Your makes me happy though, but it isn't what I'm looking for.

I want the warmth of another person... I miss Zhan Xuan-Oppa

I'm not a man who can endure being alone, I don't want to a lonely man.

I don't need to be the strong, i just want to keep living as a banana who feel my little banana every morning when I wake up :(

Banana life huh, something like waking up to be a Skeleton means that I can't understand.

Which reminds me, when did i come here? How did I end up in this

I don't seem to remember. I do recall that I'm just a skeleton, and i still have my common knowledge which tells me that monsters shouldn't exist.

I don't quite remember if I was a skeleton or not, but probably a skeleton with a gaming system like this ain't bad.

Was i abducted and brought to Chichen Itza?

Then, I wonder who was the one brought me here.

Hmm! My head is hurt. What happened yesterday?

Ouch ouch ouch!

How did my skull get hurt a lot like this?

Oh yes, I remember. Yesterday, I "that thing".

I was almost dead. How was I still alive?

My HP was very low.

Skely: Did you save me Jello?

Jello: (?+?`ω?′)

Skely: Oh I see but can you please tell me what happened yesterday?

Jello: ( >д<)

Skely: I that you can't talk.

It seems that HP can be by just taking a rest or leveling up.

For a whole day, Skely has paid a lot of in order to not get hurt and end up dying because of "that thing".

Skely has been avoiding monsters, eating everything Skely could find and little insects, and drinking some weird liquid.

Though Skely didn't want to, it was inevitable.

Skely thought Skely was going to die from hunger.

Even if my level goes up... Will I be able to fight?

I don't think I would be able to fight a monster anymore.

Author: Stop bullshitting! You just killed a Skeleton after waking up.

Skely: I had a trauma because of what "that thing". Leave me alone!!!!

Since I'm a Skeleton.

When will I evolve?

Will I stronger?

Will I need to defeat monsters to stronger?

That's impossible!, I'm just a mere skeleton!

Weapon? Why do I have a new weapon.

Didn't I steal from "that thing"? Could it possibly be that it was from "that thing" nest?

- Warning! A dangerous creature appeared.

- A Big Dark Worm made its debut

- It is huge, and stinky.

- After killing its enemy, it will go deep inside enemy hole again and again and again.

Skely: Hell no!!!!

Jello: *wave a board "Please be gentle"*

"Let's check the Dark Worm status", Skely said.


Name: Big Dark Worm

Race: Worm

Rank: Elite

Status: Normal

Lv: 20

HP: 90/90





Special Skill: #No_homo


Dangerous, really dangerous.

His overall status was better than mine.

My agility was slightly better than his, but for now I should escape from here.

Now I knew why that guy was so obstinately aiming for me, it was because of that strange Special Skill that he had.

It really probably was because of that.

An agreement was impossible. It would have been inadvisable to communicate with that thing.

Skely still didn't know what to do.

However, Big Dark Worm didn't stop. It launched its first attack.

Jello: *Cover his eyes* *Peak*

Narrator: Skely was in such a dangerous How could he survive? What happened to him before? Let's grab some tea and we all wait for next chapter.

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