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Chapter 5 : May We Meet Again

To Banana or Not To Banana

Chapter 5: The Amazing Art of Teaching

Zhan Xuan tried to knock out Skely but he failed. Skely didn't have any nervous system, the only thing Skely had was his bones.

Zhan Xuan started to give up and then he suddenly realized that he could ask Skely to have a fight with him to analyze Skely's Martial Arts.

Zhan Xuan: Hey Skely! You can't pass out so why don't we fight each other so I can analyze your skills.

Skely: Okie! Take this, Zhan Xuan!

Zhan Xuan: Skely!

Skely: Zhan Xuannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

Zhan Xuan: Skelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Narrator: One hour later

- Skely used Speedster. Agility is doubled for 5

- Skely

- Zhan Xuan dodged narrowly.

- Zhan Xuan took no damage.

- Zhan Xuan used Heaven Path's Fist Art.

At this point, Skely felt a sense of danger. He decided to immediately use Backstep

- Skely used Backstep.

- Skely dodged Zhan Xuan's skill.

- Skely came back with a melee

- Zhan Xuan put on his defensive stance.

- Zhan Xuan took 10 damages (9989/9999)

Skely: Nani?! How could your HP be that huge? How can I fight you?

Zhan Xuan exhaled a turbulent wind: We can stop now. I already analyzed your Martial Arts. The way you ran. The routine you just used is left-handed. Let me give you a Try using your right hand to strike again!

"Try using the right-handed This can be also considered as guidance?" Skely thought that but still did what Zhan Xuan asked.

Skely tried to practice with his right hand repeatedly. After he finished, he felt his skill became much stronger than before.

Skely decided to find a stone to try.

- Skely the stone

- Skely dealt 40 damage to stone

(???) "Wow! Did I just improve my skill?

How is that possible?! Unbelievable!!! OMG!!!"

, Skely's did 12 damage on average and now that it had risen to 40 damage, that was over twofold! That was… more than a 300% increase!

"Was that for real?"

"I… I… Is this from me?"

"Zhan Xuan!!! You are an amazing teacher."

He never cared if he was right-handed or left-handed. However, never could he imagine that his right-hand strength would hold so much strength! That was twofold more compared to his right!

Zhan Xuan shyly smiled: "It's your talent. I just helped you a bit. No need to say that."

Skely suddenly gave Zhan Xuan 'the look'. Even though Skely didn't have any eyes, everybody could see that he had sparkle sparkling in his eyes as if he would jump onto Zhan Xuan and offer all his bones to Zhan Xuan. Skely suddenly made a move.

Zhan Xuan: What are you doing? Me No Homo!!! Oh wait, I don't know what gender Skely is and Skely might be a girly skeleton. Wait!!!! What am I thinking? I don't have a skeleton fetish …but, but Skely is a special Skeleton. What will be will be.

Skely rushed to Zhan Xuan with the speed of light and … gave him …

Jello: ( ? ? ? ) Me see nothing!!!

A big hug!!

Author: What did you think Skely will do to Zhan Xuan? You pervert!! Look down on you.

Zhan Xuan was scared for a moment and he gave Skely a big hug back.

Skely: You are the first person who treat me so nicely like this. I've never been treated this way before. Why didn't you come sooner? I was so lonely.

Zhan Xuan: Don't worry Skely! You have me now. I will take care of you. I won't let anyone hurt you.

Skely: I wish I could have met you sooner. I'm like a bone and you are like my flesh. We are born to be together.

Skely: Senpai! *Blink Blink*

Zhan Xuan: Skely! *Hair majestically fluttering in the air*

Jello:ヾ(*?*?)? _____________ ヾ(? 3?3)? Senpai! Notice me ?

Author: Dear Jello, you just got abandoned. Grab ! This shit gonna get gud.

Narrator: Suddenly, a hole appeared right behind Zhan Xuan. He got sucked in right away. He could only yell Skely's name one last time.

Skely was completely shock and couldn't do anything. He was on his knees and kept yelling: "Zhan Xuan Oppa! Saranghaeyo!"

Narrator: #No_homo

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