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Chapter 4 : A Random Dude

To Banana or Not To Banana

- Warning! Warning! A creature is coming.

- Its power is over 9000... *Vegeta meme added*

A guy who looked like a teacher appeared. That guy was a little bit surprised to see a weird duo combo like Jello and Skely. He put on a guarded stance and slowly moved closer to Jello and Skely step by step.

Skely was surprised because this was the first time he saw a human being in this Labyrinth. He felt unexpectedly happy. He tried to wave his hands to show peace. Somehow, the teacher understood that and put his guard down. Skely ran toward the dude without any while Jello was quite afraid of the stranger and stayed back.

- Warning! This stranger also has a system named Library of Heaven's Path.

- His system can help himself to learn everything in an instant, to find out others' weaknesses in certain , to create God-Tier martial arts, and to create a clone of himself to travel through time without his memory.

"Wait what?! How can his system be much more op* than mine? Oh, does he know that I also have a system?" Skely was kind of twisted in his feeling if he should run away from this stranger.

"Hey System! How can I talk to him if I have no throat?"

- Guugle's is activating.

- You can now use Guugle's to type and communicate with others

(??ヮ?)?*:??? ???: *ヽ(?ヮ?ヽ) wow!!!!

"Hello, my name is Zhan Xuan and I'm not from the novel Library of Heaven's Path."

Author: Absolutely not from that novel. Trust me.

"I stepped into a Celestial Master Teacher's trap and woke up in this Would you please tell me where this is?" Zhan Xuan asked with a nice manner as if he wasn't talking to a Skeleton and a Slime.

Skely typed with "Fast & ; speed: Arigato! Toyota! Yamaha! Kimochi! Ito Ito! Kawaii Ipon Ipon!

Zhan Xuan: ?_?

Skely: Sorry! I need to set up this Guugle for a minute. Oh it's worked. Hi! My name is Skely and this is my friend Jello. This is Zhaka Labyrinth. We are currently in 8th floor.

Zhan Xuan: Do you know where the exit is? I want to go back to my because my students need me.

Skely: Sorry, I don't know where the exit is but we can help you to find it.

Zhan Xuan: It would be my pleasure. If you want, I can teach you some martial arts. Would you please to pass out for a moment?

Skely: ?╭╮? Excuse me?!

"I'm a Skeleton and this guy asks me to pass out. Will he do any weird things to me? I didn't know some people might have such a fetish to Skeleton but he said he will teach me some martial arts. Maybe this is what he ask for if I want him to teach me." A completely messed-up thought appeared in Skely's skull.

Skely: Senpai! Please be nice to me this is my first time :(

Zhan Xuan: ? _ ?

Zhan Xuan: You got it wrong. I mean I need to make you pass out for further research puprposes. Trust me. I won't hurt you. Is this your fist time?

Skely: Umm! I understand you. Just be gentle okay? *Shy*

Zhan Xuan: Okay.

Jello: ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д′)?︵ ┻━┻ What da heck is this I'm out.

Author: What da heck am I writing?

Narrator: What da heck are you writing?

*op: Overpowered (usually in a video game, in which a person or group or is too powerful; has very in the mmorpg crowd)

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