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Chapter 1 : Wake up

To Banana or Not To Banana

Ugh! My head hurts.

Who am I or what is me?

Why am I here?

Huh? What are these handy bony here? Oh, it's shaking ooohhh. They look like my hands.

Huh? So confused.

'Look down.'

Oh, I have bony leg too.

What is this?

Hmm, I'm a skeleton huh?! Hmm, I need a name. Let's call myself Skely.

- You just named yourself Skely.

What is this weird board? Why is this pop up in front of me?

Nevermind, just skip this. ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ I'm too lazy to think. I bet that I have no brain also.

Where is this Am I underground? Why are there walls after walls? Even the top is filled with bricks. Let's just keep walking straight to see if I can find a way out.

Oh, there's a Skely homie. He's walking here. Maybe I can ask him something about me.

- A wild Skeleton appeared.

1. Fight 2. Run

This weird board keep popping up…

Ugh, why is this homie look so angry???? What did I do?

Wait!!! He has a sword... What should I do? What should I do?

Me no weapon! Me no fight!

Me run, modafuka run!

2. Run

- Escaped from Skeleton.

Oh oh oh! (≧?≦*) Finally, I ran away from that scary homie.

- A wild Jello appeared.

Nani?! Are you kidding me author? What the heck is this story-line? I supposed to look for items or level up something. 凸?益?)凸

*Author grabs : My novel, my rules and you deal with it.

What should I do now? This author will break my beautiful white bones into pieces if I keep running.

Let's talk to that Jello.

Oh, I don't have a throat. Can't talk. I doubt that Jello has enough IQ to understand Skely language also.

'Looked down on Jello' (? ̄д ̄)? This Jello look like an ez-lo. Let's see what I have here.

1. Fight

a. Throw rocks (3/3) b. Hit with a stick c. Special Ultimate Skill prepared by Author

- Picked 'Throw rocks.'

- Threw a rock at Jello

- Jello took 0 damage.

- Jello looked down on Skely and formed a smirk. (? ? ?)

My ego… Did I just get disrespected by a mere mob? *(ò 皿 ó ╬)

Author: Yes, you did. Look down on you.

- Skely took 3 spirit damage by internal bleeding from rage.

Let's use my Special Ultimate Skill.

- Middle Finger Ultimate skill pop up. 凸?益?)凸

Skely was on his knees. He already gave up. He lost faith in humanity and skeletity. This author is trashy af.

- Jello looked.

- Jello felt sympathy to Skely's

- Jello walked away.

- You just escaped a fight with Jello by being pathetic.

- 3 exp earned.

After that, Skely wandered around. He found a stairway to go up. He also noticed a notice pop up in front of him.

- Exit to the 8th floor of Zhaka Labyrinth. Would you like to continue?

- No.

"Let's just keep exploring this floor first! So this is Zhaka Labyrinth huh," Skely thought

He then found a sword and a trashy armor in a treasure box.

Narrator: With his simple mind, he didn't even stop for a and think why the heck there is a box in the middle of the way waiting for a newbie like him to pick up some beginner's items.

Author: They see me rollin' they hatin'.

Skely: I'm not stoopich. You're mama iz stoopich.

Author: *Your

Skely: [email protected]#! You! (ノ?益?)ノ彡┻━┻

Skely kept wandering, wandering, wandering… He felt no hunger nor tired.

"Maybe because I have no stomach lol."

"Why didn't I see any other mobs besides those two at the beginning?"

- A same old Skeleton and a same old Jello re-appeared.

Skely: Did you just toy me around? (ノ? ∩?)ノ彡( o°o)

Author: 'whistle' Nope.

Skely: Oh! They are fighting.

Author: Yeah, you can see if you have eyes… Oh nevermind…

Skely stared at author with his two holes on his skull.

Author: Oh oh oh, that skeleton gonna dieded. Help Jello and get a kill secured.

Skely rolled up his sleeved and showed his "; bony arm. He landed a punch. (((?? ̄?? ̄??)?—????o

- Skeleton took 3 damage from Skely's punch.

- Skeleton died and dropped an item: a soul essence.

- Skely picked up soul essence.

"No need to thank me you Jello" – shit Skely said.

Jello: ( ?Д?)ノ 'speechless.'

Skely: "I already said no need to thank me. Oh please stop looking at me with that idolized look. Just please stop. This is what I should do."

Author: Shameless.

Narrator: Very shameless.

Author: Oh, he literally has no face.

After that, Jello devoured all the bones from Skeleton. Jello became a little smaller and its crystal in the middle of its body became brighter a little bit.

Skely: "Hey Jello! Do you want to go to the 8th floor with me?"

Jello: (; ̄Д ̄)

Skely: "No answer means Yes. I understand you man."

Jello: (╬?益?)

Narrator: They didn't know this was where an adventure of the gods who will control multi-universe and time began.

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