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Chapter 29 : Improvement (2)

Mistrust and Misfortune

It was a normal morning routine that Anne was starting to get used to. Although it was repetitive, it was able to adjust her body to a better She knew it would take a while before she could go back to the peak of her body's When she was busy with work, she did not to exercise to keep her body fit. However, when she had her , all she did was sitting on the couch all day while being in front of the computer. Simple movements would make her body ache.

She was now walking on a treadmill with a very slow pace. It might sound easy but it took her weeks before she was able to move to the treadmill. She remembered the time when she would perspire just by walking in a straight line. She needed the support of the handlebars from time to time, and she rested and took breaks in between. However, now she was already 10 minutes on the treadmill and yet she was still walking steadily without any problem.

After this, she would have to do some stretching to cool down her body and avoid injuries. The trainer would go around while giving advice and assisting the patients in the facility.

Right now, there are only 3 people which made it easier to watch over the patients. On the side, Nurse Joy was looking at them with a smile, once in a while, she would wave or give a thumbs up gesture to keep them going. Other times she would approach them with a clean towel and water bottles.

The day ended just like that.

Anne was covered in sweat.

There was a bath and locker room which was provided to the patients. Anne went in to clean herself up and change her clothes.

After Anne took a shower, she observes her face on the mirror which was mounted on the wall. She wiped some parts of the mirror with her hand as it was covered with mist from the hot water that spread in the room. Her body was covered with droplets of water, her hair was wet and dripping, the towel was covering her body from the top of her round bosom to her thighs.

Some of her wet hair fell onto her face. She used her hand to slide it back under her ear so she can fully see her face.

Her face was

No scars.

No wrinkles.

Only soft, white and healthy skin which was full of suppleness.

It was normal as she took care of her skin when she was still a model.

But right now her face was bare without any make-up.

It was still beautiful but Anne still felt somewhat down-hearted.

Although she was already beautiful, she appreciated using cosmetics and beauty products.

She loved it.

However, right now she was unable to do it herself.

She hasn't practiced enough to be able to put on makeup by herself.

It was something she had missed as she was already used to it.

She sighed in her heart.

She wiped away all of the droplets of water that were still on her body and dresses herself up with a simple summer dress. She wore doll shoes to complete her look.

Once she took a step outside of the room, she put all her worries behind and tried her best to smile.

Original novel by Chuchuwachuwa

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