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Chapter 28 : Improvement (1)

Mistrust and Misfortune

Connor was unaware that all the going on around them was due to his He thought the people were still talking about Anne's life.

On the other hand, Anne looked as though she was trying to avoid confronting the people around her. She continued walking towards the training facility without looking at the people around her. In a way, this was how Anne was able to cope up with her daily life after she started rehabilitating herself.

If in the past, she would have stayed cooped up in her apartment while reading all of the comments on the , this time she decided to ignore the negativity surrounding her. It was hard at first as she was very sensitive towards other people's criticism before, but in time she was able to drone out the negativity.

The two walked in silence and it did not take long for them to arrive at their As they approached the building.

Connor stopped Anne and said, "Anne wait…"

It seems he was hesitating to continue with his words as Anne looked at him.

"If there's something you need. Anything at all. Just call me." Connor said with sincerity.

She knew Anne fairly well. She was not the kind of woman who would easily ask for help. Looking at her currently, he knew she suffered a lot before she was able to live normally. It was not difficult to find out, a few keywords while searching the net would pull up a lot of in no time. He did not know if he should describe Anne as strong-willed or hard-headed. In the end, all he could do is wait for Anne to ask for help on her own

Anne nodded to confirm Connor's words. This gave Connor an assurance that she was willing to give it a try, and to him, that was enough. He bid his goodbye and left the hospital.

Anne went inside the building and as soon as she entered someone approached her.

"Hey, Anne. How are you feeling today?" A woman in her white nurse uniform asked with a bright smile. She had chubby cheeks with a curvaceous body, her height was considered normal. Her face made her looks younger and approachable, add to that a bubbly personality. This made the other people who are facing physical therapy lightened their mood once they speak with her.

It was known that a lot of people who are going through physical therapy are suffering from hardships, being unable to cope up with their daily lives, being unable to move the way they used to which makes them frustrated. It was the same thing that Anne went through. These made Anne appreciate the young nurse who takes the time to talk and cheer at the people who are going through their toughest times.

Anne smiled back at this young nurse. She was a cheerful intern who was assigned to the training facility, which led to them being able to mingle. There weren't a lot of patients who would go to this , therefore, it was easy to remember the other faces who are going through physical therapy.

The nurse approached Anne with her chubby face and said, "Is he your new boyfriend?" She asked as she saw the man walk with Anne. He had a good height and figure but unfortunately, she could not see his face as they were too far away.

Anne shook her head and said, "No, but he is a good friend of mine."

"Really?" she asked excitedly and added, "then is he single?"

Anne looked at the young nurse in front of her who was beaming with a smile. she knew this nurse was not able to see Connor's face clearly but she still wanted to ask about him. Their height difference is large which made Anne smile just imagining them walking together side by side.

"Yes, he is single."

The young nurse hesitated a bit and shyly asked, "then can you introduce him to me?" She said while pointing at herself with a blush.

Looking at her figure, Anne did not want to disappoint the young nurse so he replied, "Sure if he visits again I'll introduce you."

"Thank you, thank you." She said happily with her beaming smile. She could not help herself from repeating her thanks to show her

Anne smiled at the young nurse, she thought to herself that her name was very appropriate. The nurse's name was Joy. She was not only a joyful person, but she also brings joy to others.

"I'll be heading to my scheduled training," Anne said to bid her goodbye.

"I'm sorry I held you up." Joy said apologetically. She was afraid she took too much of Anne's time.

"No problem at all," Anne said before leaving.

Original novel by Chuchuwachuwa.

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