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Chapter 24 : Grandmother (1)

Mistrust and Misfortune

It was like any other normal day for Anne. Once she started going to the hospital for physical therapy, she had never missed a She continuously strives to get better on her own. Today was not any different than any other day.

Anne waited at the bus stop like normal passengers. Some still her and would whisper behind her back, but she was already used to it. As a matter of fact, it has lessened compared to the week's when she had first started.

If it was before, then she might have already given up, but right now, she was full of to make her life normal. It was her driving force to continue doing her best even though she was alone.

The bus arrived, and Anne took a seat near the window. At this time, there weren't too many passengers as the rush hour has long passed. The students were already inside their schools listening to their teachers. The office workers should have started with their daily mundane tasks. Anne still has some lingering attachments to her work.

If she was to ask herself, she knew in her heart that she wanted to continue her career as a model, but it was impossible. Even if she could get better, even if she tried her hardest, or even if she shows she has more to offer. The industry is not that kind of which would show to people like her.

Anne continued to watch the scenery from the window. The scene change from one city to another, not long before she was near her stop. The bus stopped near the hospital and she walked out carefully. She watched the bus move along and continue on its journey before she also started to head inside the hospital building.

She was already used to the hospital, she became familiar with most of the people especially those who approached her with kindness. She started mingling with the nurses, doctors and other patients with a smile on her face. Most would greet her, therefore, she would also do the same. If it was before, she would have definitely ignored these people, but this time, after her she realized how important it was to interact with the honest and kind people around her who wanted to sincerely know and interact with her.

This was something she had noticed once she was no longer a model.

In the past, she made a barrier to protect herself from other people. She made sure to keep a distance from most people. She was not like that before she started in the industry. But in the end, she learned to do this to protect herself. It was due to a series of unfortunate events that made her mistrust people.

But here, right now. These people are just people. She was slowly, but surely adjusted her life back to normal. She started giving people the chance to know her, while in return she stated knowing other people too.

Original novel by Chuchuwachuwa.

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