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Chapter 19 : Adulterous Couple (2)

Mistrust and Misfortune

Another resounding sound was heard as the sound of a heavy object hitting flesh echoed in the halls.

Timothy was already bleeding from this hit, but this time he did not fell. He spits the blood on the floor and assumed a fighting stance. He too felt that talk was unnecessary as he threw his own fists at Connor.

The people around could only stare in disbelief to what was happening in front of them. It was bloody and barbaric.

A fist hitting a face over and over again.

Their faces became bloody but the two did not seem to care. They were not talking and putting everything in their punches. No one thought of defense. They only wanted to hit more compared to the other.

*Huff Huff Huff*

Finally, the two started to breathe haggardly as their energy was spent in their scuffle. Both are staring at each other with hatred in their eyes. Suddenly a person appeared in front of the two. Her face was filled with tears as she approached Timothy and hugged him.

"Please stop it already. Stop fighting." She said full of despair trying to calm the two men down.

However, this added fuel to the fire when Connor saw her face. Especially the way she was hugging Timothy as though trying to protect him from further harm.

"I see, so you really are together with this woman. Now try to deny it, huh. Try to show you are innocent." Connor shouted with all his might as this was proof enough to show his point.

Timothy woke up from his stupor as he heard Connor's voice, it was only then that he realized the woman who was hugging him. To be honest, his mind was muddled from all the punches he received. He could not think straight as he only wanted to make Connor suffer the same pain. But now his mind suddenly cleared up when Connor said those words.

"This is not how it seems." Timothy could only reply in a soft voice as though he could not clearly himself.

"Not how it seem? Ptui." Connor spits out the blood from his mouth. It was not known if he wanted to remove the taste of iron or if he heard something disgusting that he could not stomach.

"You are telling me that nothing happened between the two of you?"

When Connor asked this , the woman's body flinched while Timothy could only hung his head low.

Connor was filled with his rage as he continued with his words. "I trusted you. You said that you will take care of her no matter what. Were your words nothing more but empty promises that were meant to be broken?"

Timothy continued his silence. How could he reply as he knew he did something wrong.

"Do you have nothing to say for yourself? What kind of man are you? Your wife is suffering by herself and here you are enjoying yourself in the arms of another woman. Is it because she is no longer famous? Is it because she got into an and it became hard for you? Is it because she could not have any children? Tell me?" Connors' voice became louder and louder as he was not able to contain the

He could only ask all the that had been in his mind while he was heading here. He wanted to kill this man who acted like the scum of the world.

How could he not be mad with this man whom he entrusted Anne?

Deep down inside he was also himself, he was thinking that this might not have happened if he fought for her. If he did not step back but pursued her with his all.

Would this never happen?

He was asking himself over and over again while he was driving in his car. In the end, those were mere thoughts of possibilities if he made a different in the past.

It was partly his fault.

Timothy continued to hang his head low while listening to the anger filled of his friend.

"If you can't take care of Anne, then don't you dare show your face to her ever again." Connor stared at Timothy and the woman with hatred for a long time before walking away.

Everything happened so fast.

Although the people watching what was happening felt their hearts tightening from seeing the fight up close and personal, and their adrenaline was pumping in their bodies like a drug, they still did not do anything.

They all stared at the back of the man walking away. Some people look at him with respect, while some felt confused, some even looked at the two adulterous couple with disdain before they too walked away.

Original novel by Chuchuwachuwa.

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