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Chapter 18 : Adulterous Couple (1)

Mistrust and Misfortune

Connor had just stepped on the right floor when he saw the face of the man he was looking for.

Timothy had just stepped out of the laboratory and was about to head to the testing area when a silhouette madly dashed in front of him. Everything happened so fast as he was not able to react to what was happening.


Timothy's butt was on the floor as he held his cheek.

It was painful.

He was disoriented, the first thing he did was look for his that fell due to the impact. He was still looking around when suddenly…


The sound of someone stepping on and breaking to pieces could be heard. The people around gasped as they were not able to react to the Most of them are intellectuals who spend all their lives studying, nothing more. They wanted to help their co-worker but looking at the man who punched Timothy, all they could do was huddled up, afraid that trouble may befall themselves if they tried to insert themselves and pacify the disgruntled man.

Timothy looked at the foot stepping on his Although he needed the to see clearly, it does not mean that he was blind without them. Therefore, he looked up trying to see the face of the person who suddenly attacked him.

Once he looked up, the light from the fluorescent light covered the man's exquisite face as the was too bright. Timothy could only squint his eyes and use his hand to cover the blinding light. Once he was able to adjust his eyes, he was surprised at the person in front of him.

How could he not be?

He knows the person very well. He was confused as he did not know what came to his mild manner friend for him to be and hit him.

"What are you doing?" Timothy asked with a soft voice as he was still confused.

However, this only triggered the anger of Connor as he held on to Timothy's while he dragged him up to stand. "You still don't know what you did wrong?" his eyes were scary as there was a hint of killing intent from within. He was gritting his teeth while waiting for the other person to himself but his made him angrier instead.

Timothy shook Connor's hand with a as he was also angry with Connor's sudden punch. He scrunched his eyebrows while staring at Connor in wonder. "What do you mean?"

This only added to Connor's ire as he could not take it anymore. He held his fist tight and used all the strength he could muster to throw another punch at Timothy's face. Looking at his friends face, the thought that talking was now impossible as he was trying to deny the filthy and despicable he took. He did not admit it himself.

No, what was worse was him feigning ignorance.

Timothy should have known that there was only one reason for him to attack him and yet he was trying to look as though he was the one being wronged.


Original novel by Chuchuwachuwa

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