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Chapter 13 : Unanswered (2)

Mistrust and Misfortune

Anne too was surprised, but not by Connor's It was due to her of wanting to comfort Connor. She had always treated him as a friend, they used to be close but Connor kept moving away, farther away from her until she could no longer see him. Although it was like that they never lose contact, but it had never been the same.

She felt lonely as a friend decided to move away, she thought it was for the better as their started to have a wedge. However, Connor's made her jolt awake.

She gave a self-depreciating sigh.

She hated this part of herself, it was instinctive as her hand was drawn to his face trying to comfort him, but there was no deeper meaning to it. She treated him as a brother and nothing more. It may have been her in the past that might have misled Connor to believe that she had some feelings for him.

She wanted to apologize but the atmosphere was already awkward. Therefore, she moved stepped back and went back to the kitchen to continue preparing something for her guest.

Connor gave a sigh of relief when Anne stepped back. A few moments, it was only a few moments but the urge to hug her, to kiss her, to own her was blooming from the recesses of his heart. It was something that he hid deep within himself. He did not want to do something, especially right now while Anne was in the midst of recuperating. However, there was something more important that he had to do at this moment, and that was to find out the truth. He looked around the living room once again, there was something bothering him since earlier but he dismissed it as something that is not important.

The photo frames that were lined up on the wall, it the whole living room with wedding pictures. How could he the sight of Anne's beautiful smiling face while wearing an white dress? Her face was filled with joy as she held the arm of the man she loved. It was something that he could not look at for a long time, but now the walls had some faint shadows on the wall showing that something was there not too long ago.

Are the news articles true?

Was it something this big that the two were not able to work things out?

Connor had a lot of inside his head. that will remain unanswered as he looked at Anne's back. He gave a wry smile as he knew Anne would have told her everything if she wanted, but it seems she wanted to keep it all to herself. He did not want to hurt her feelings but he needed to find out.

"Anne where's Timothy?"

Connor could see Anne's back flinching at the He waited but the response that he wanted did not come.

Anne kept quiet as though she did not hear the Since that was the case, there was nothing he could right now.

All he could do was wait till Anne opened up on her own.

Original novel by Chuchuwachuwa.

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