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Chapter 37 : Exchanging Of Words

Tournament Of The Century

"What are they doing now?" one of the near Zero shouted. After several more minutes, both of the armies of the golems halted their movements. This seemed very odd for the golems to do this right before this last battle.

As their whole army finally stopped their advancement a short distance from the city, their leader by two of its commanders walked forward and stopped half way between their army and the city's walls.

Though, this worried those around him, Zero just stood firmly in his as he looked on. "What will Wu decide to do from this?" Zero pondered.

After several minutes had passed without change, Wu took two of his commanders to meet with the leader of the golem army. This confused everyone within the city, but the commanders Wu left within the city, ordered the soldiers to remain

"When I heard that you had escaped your shackles, I ordered all of my race to retreat." the golem leader told Wu in a dignified manner. "If I knew that such a small child was able to release you after only a single week, I would have never left those mines so unproperly attended."

"Why did you halt your army? It is that you did not do it just to describe your ill feelings towards the guards of the mines." Wu replied with a heroic aura.

"Actually, come to think of it, you would feel a little jumpy. If it wasn't for the fact that I trapped you in a sneak attack, you would have already completed your goal of taking over this entire ; the golem leader responded while snickering.

"If we were never truly outcasted by those of our main so far away, you humans would have been much faster. I would never have expected you to breach our peaceful agreement after so many years. If I knew that you would act against us so , I would have killed you much sooner!"

"Who is going to kill who?" from the golem leader's comment, Wu started to unleash some of his ki. How many now does your golem race now have under its banner? I am sure if us humans never fell from grace, you wouldn't dare act so presumptuously!"

"Haha silly human! You dare act so tough in such a small area of this universe with no real threats to your race? And here I thought that we could come to a different agreement!" the golem leader taunting Wu replied to his outburst.

"What agreement?" caught off guard, Wu controlled his anger, once again returning to his peaceful state of mind. "Speak before we begin this battle to the death with your race!"

"This agreement is fairly simple actually, we both know that your main objective is to rebuild a for your race starting from this current we are now on." the golem started to itself. "We will leave, except, you need to massacre all of the humans and races on one of the next over so that my people and I can live without worry."

"Mocking me now? In that case, let's begin this battle to the death. From this moment forward, on this will only be us humans, or you golems!" Wu replied with a deep glow in his eyes. Wu understood that if he met the demands of these golems, they would only eventually cause harm to his main objective.

"Very well little human, we will give you one hour to If you do not act before then, we will rush your puny city and leave you all dead in the grasps of our mighty race's hands!" the golem leader replied.

Without saying anything further, both sides headed back towards their armies. Preventing further bloodshed, would be a great for Wu. However, allowing the golems time to rebuild themselves, adds too many disastrous at this point in time.

Even if this battle destroyed the majority of their forces, as long as the golems were completely , there would be a chance to rebuild without as many worries. Plus, in only a few more decades, Wu would pass away from old age if he was unable to make any further advancements in his Once this happened, there would be no one to stand up to these golems.

Before anyone back within the city could ask, once Wu reentered the city walls, he made his order. "All of the commanders are to ready their troops. The golems will be launching their attack any time now!"

Both Wu and the leader of the golems knew that he would not budge on Wu had said earlier. Though, the golems had no reason to launch their attacks before the hour was up, the leader of the golems still had its confidence high. Even at this moment, the golem leader did not know that Wu had already obtained so many troops from a neighboring world.

If the golem leader knew this before the battle commenced, it would have seeked refuge on a very far away from this one. Due to a mixture of from two separate , it would make it harder for the golems to use psychological methods to deal with these humans. This was because on Zero's , did not even exist!

The hour seemed to have passed very slowly. Minute by minute, you could even hear a needle dropping on the ground. All of the within the city were in their , awaiting this battle to finally begin.

In the distance, the golems started to act. With the hour finally coming to a close, both armies started to rush forward towards the city walls.

"For our freedom!" Wu's voice sounded throughout the city, allowing every to hear. With a loud roar, every including Zero yelled in response. This battle would determine the survival of their race on both However, the morale of the human army reached such a height, that the golems in the front lines could feel the earth shake, simply from their yells.

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