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Chapter 11 : Competition Among Students

The Food Sage

Finally, the kids stop at a looking door. The door had a width of 50 inches and a height of 87 inches, resembling a triangle on top of a rectangle; connected.

The door is adorned with skulls, emitting a metallic luster, glowing crimson inside of the eye sockets.

Not knowing whether the door contains the secrets that they have been searching for, the kids hesitate. Looking at each other, they come to a mutual understanding through eye contact.

Breaking the built-up silence, steps forward. Gritting his teeth, opens the door, his eyes showing an unforeseen tenacity, preparing for the worst.

"Creaaak! Thump!"

Gazing at the door, Amelia looks onward with bated breath. Knowing full well about the consequences that they could undergo, she walks toward , helping him open the door.

Surprised by her appearance, shows a surprised but changes into a smile of soon-after.

With a steadfast gaze, says, "I am that we are friends, aren't you also What I'm about to say may sound weird... but, I feel that we were destined, since the beginning of time. Oh, how cruel fate is, the agony..."

Slowly breaking down, begins his soap opera.


Confused, Amelia tilts her head, watching his performance.

Eight minutes pass by, just like that...

As Amelia watches his performances, she starts to yawn. Knowing that enough was enough, she steps forward to stop from embarrassing himself further; however, before she could get close enough, she hears a sound from the other side of the door.

"Let go of me, you ;

"I'm a Okay, I'll show you what a is made of..."


"Put that away! I am not into men, and I have a wife and kids. One of them is in the Sage Sect right now!"


"So, can you get off of me!?!"


A series of sounds were uttered, resembling a

Not knowing whether the sounds were from a human or not, they both sneak in shortly after Amelia knocks out of his reverie and what she heard.

Going past the door, they tiptoe and sneak towards the source of the Entering a completely dark room, the kids notice a bright beam of light focusing on a bench with two people on it.

One of them is sporting a green jacket and purple hair, wearing heels. Sitting on top of the other one, presumably an old man, judging by the large number of gray strands on his head, and the old- look in his eyes.

Naturally, the old man is Grandpa Galen, and the green- man is his acquaintance.

Noticing the scene in front of them, both and Amelia look back at each other, their facial couldn't be any more colorful. as-if witnessing the birth of something beautiful, ;s eyes shine, twinkling with and in the dim-lit room.

Blocked only by the distance, darkness, and the chairs, stands up, pulling Amelia up. Not knowing why he had a sudden urge to pull out his phone and take a picture of the duo in the spotlight, follows his heart and silently takes a short video and a photo of the 'couple.'

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