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Chapter 10 : Digging a Hole That can Only go Deeper

The Food Sage

Coughing loudly, Grandpa Galen wakes everyone up, "Finally, I would like to introduce the current student council and some of the more honorable teachers and elders sitting behind me."

Turning back around, grandma Galen points toward every single person, their deeds and

"Every single person behind me had completed some sort of deed for humanity and has earned the title, 'honorary' next to their official rank."


Feeling a tickling around his neck, Grandpa Galen scratches his neck, hoping for it to go away. Feeling the continuous emanating from around his neck, Grandpa Galen's eyes start to widen in disbelief, as he remembers what he was supposed to do.

"Everyone, I hope that you have had a wonderful experience, and I wish you all good wishes and an exciting school year." After finishing his speech, Grandpa Galen hands the microphone to one of the sitting elders, Suzume Mizuki.

Noticing the that Grandmaster Galen had caused, Susume Mizuki goes forward to calm the chaos that is about to ensue.

Hello everyone, now that the ceremony has ended, you will all be split into groups depending on your and sent to your homeroom The teachers will the rest of the things that you will need to know about your specific ;

Wiping the sweat off of his forehead, Grandpa Galen speedily walks backstage, at the ruckus he had caused, "Good thing that I have such a reliable crew."

Still, in the middle of all of the students, watches his grandfather exit the auditorium with haste in his steps, seemingly wiping something off of his forehead.

"I have to talk to my grandpa." Standing up, heads off to follow Grandpa Galen backstage, cutting through the crowd, steadily advances toward the back of the auditorium.

"Wait for me; you'll get lost without me!" Watching leave so fast, Amelia jumps up from her seat, running after him recklessly. Pushing everyone in her path to the side, she advances toward at a monstrously dangerous pace.

"Hey, watch where you're going, you bimbo."

"Watch where you are stepping."

"Ouch, you b*tch!"

Not caring about her surroundings, Amelia continues to head toward at a frightening pace.

Noticing the increased noise behind him, turns around and bumps into the rampaging Amelia, falling to the ground along with her, taking the brunt of the fall.

Knowing that people fell, the surrounding students create a little area for the students who fell.

Opening his eyes, looks at the current scene with incredulity. Having Amelia on top him, the first thing that comes to mind is to close his eyes, before the first time that he touches a girl his last; however, proved otherwise.

Looking at the dazed Amelia, continues to look further down, only stopping at the open area that exposes the hidden valley in her uniform. Swallowing his drool, shakily tries to raise his hands, only to realize that both of his hands are stuck in between their bodies.

Realizing the only possible that may befall him, color drains from ; face in the blink of an eye. Moving his hands around, tries to get them out from underneath Amelia's body before she gets out of her dazed state. Slowly moving upward, ; hands start feeling two smudged balls of flesh with a little point between both of them. Feeling those points harden, starts pinching them, completely about his current predicament.

Moaning, Amelia starts squirming. Slowly waking up, she opens her eyes, only to find herself on the floor and on top of

Feeling something hard underneath, she looks at with her face flushed red, "What are you doing?"

"Nothing! We were both knocked to the ground, and I tried to wake you up." Hurriedly the , prays in his head that she doesn't say anything about the groping and his hard object down below.

Fuming with anger, Amelia gets up and continuously taps her foot on the ground while crossing her arms in front of her chest, "Hurry up, I don't have all day."

Shocked, stands up and heaves a sigh of relief. Completely in disbelief, looks warily at Amelia, trying to see if she wasn't tricks with him.

Stopping her shoe tapping, Amelia takes a deep breath and looks at , sneaking a at the weapon in his pants, "I am not mad at you. We still have to catch up to your grandfather before we completely lose him with all of this chaos, and besides, we still need to attend and meet with our homeroom teacher."

Secretly breathing another sigh of relief, turns back around and continues to rush toward the back of the auditorium.

Following behind him, Amelia murmurs with a smile on her face, "How could I be mad at you, and besides... that felt good."


Backstage, Grandpa Galen spots a bench and slows down. Sitting on the bench, he heaves a sigh of relief. Looking around, he spots a silhouette coming toward him at a leisurely pace, their feet as they walk.

As he furrows his brows, Grandpa Galen looks nervously onward with

Click, click click.

Coming from afar, the silhouette uses Qi to transmit their voice, "Hey, I haven't seen you in a while, let's have a chat for old times sake."

"Wait a minute, that sound is familiar... No, it can't be."


Back in the auditorium, and Amelia continue to rush toward the back of the auditorium, closing in at an extraordinary speed. Reaching the area around the podium, they continue to delve deeper, going backstage. Bypassing the curtains, the kids start to look for ;s grandfather, looking left and right at every turn they make.

Not knowing where ;s grandfather could be, the kids continue to search. Slowly getting lost, they continue to find him by looking at anything and everything , from the curtains and wires, to even the bench that they pass by.

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