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Chapter 8 : The Ceremony Begins (2/2)

The Food Sage

Waking up, looks around and finds himself on a bed, surprisingly the beautiful girl that was chasing him earlier is now sitting right next to his bed, asleep with her head laying on the side of the bed.

Remembering the ceremony, struggles to get up, "I have to get to the ceremony before it's too late."

Eyes a little watery from waking up, rattles the bed with vigor, rousing the girl from her slumber.

Rubbing her eyes, the girl gives a half-smile, "Looks like you had a pretty good sleep."

Not allowing her to gain any ground, retorts, "You must have had a pretty good sleep as well, I saw you drooling on the bed."

Startled, she looks at the bed and sees a small amount of drool next to where her head was. Flushing red with embarrassment; the beautiful girl avoids eye contact with

"You're such a bully."

Chuckling, smiles and secretly takes a few more at her. about her identity, he cuts to the chase and asks, "Hey, we have never formally introduced ourselves yet, I think this would be a good time to do it."

Sneaking a peek at , the girl says with her head lowered, "My name is Amelia and I'm a new student of the Sage Sect, just like you."

Nodding his head, says, "That's great that you are new, just like me. You can call me ; I hope that you can help me out when I need it the most." With a smile on ; face, he continues, "In exchange, I will help you with whatever you need too, just like what real friends do."

"That's awesome. I have no friends. You would be my first friend." Getting up, Amelia extends her arms upwards, stretching, "Okay, let's get going now. We are ten minutes late. The ceremony started already, without us."

Startled, rolls up his sleeve to look at the time. Slipping out of bed, looks back at Amelia with a wry smile on his face, "I hope we don't get into trouble or at least more than we already have been."

Knowing what he meant by that, Amelia comforts him. Putting her hand on ; shoulder, she says, "I knew something like this would happen, so just like what any smart person would do, I lied. Don't worry; it was only a white lie."

Startled by what she said, gives her an in-depth look before walking to the door, "I'm , what excuse did you use?"

Walking behind him, Amelia reiterates what had happened, giving to go toward the auditorium, "...And then the guy asked what had happened to you. Wait, we have to make a left. You are going the wrong way."

Finally making it to the auditorium, they meet two teachers standing guard outside, scrutinizing them, one of the teachers them, "Who are you guys?" Noticing their uniforms, the teachers chuckle a little, "Oh, it's just some late-comers. Why are you both so late?"

Answering their inquiry, scratches the back of his head while trying to the , before getting cut off by Amelia.

A moment later...

Finally understanding the , the teachers pat their uniform symbols in unison, and the door behind them slowly opens. "Get in there quickly, luckily you only missed the less important stuff, like the systematic ruling for grades and some speeches."

Entering the auditorium, they are greeted by an attendant, taking them to their respective seats. Luckily enough, there are right next to each other in the middle row, respectively among thousands of fellow students.

Puzzled by their seat arrangements, the duo both look at the attendant. Understanding their gaze, the attendant quickly , "The seats are not selected based upon academic , sign-up time or any other system. The main lecturer of each ceremony has the power to pick whichever seats suit you guys the best; however, sometimes the main lecturer decides that seating is a privilege granted to those that are worthy and only have seats for a chosen few or not even any at all."

Politely backing away, the attendant bows slightly before walking back toward the entrance of the auditorium.

Looking around the auditorium ; eyes start turning into signs.

", stop looking around so much. We have to pay to—what is wrong with your eyes." Annoyed, Amelia starts to berate , knowing that he wasn't listening to her, she turns to look at him, only to find out that his pupils have turned into signs, vivid and life-like.

Still looking around, he mumbles some weird gibberish, "Money, money, money, money, money..."

Embarrassed to sit next to him, Amelia lightly pinches the side of his waist, rousing from his unsightly earlier. Noticing all of the weird stares from his fellow peers, looks toward Amelia and quickly , "You see, I'm not that well-off financially. Not to say that my entire family is poor but my dad and mom aren't well-off right now, due to some issues with their jobs and...are you listening to me?"

Ignoring , Amelia stares straight at the podium at the very back of the auditorium, listening to the lecture.

Noticing that her gaze is lingering on something that's at the back of the room, turns to look and listen to whoever is talking.

Noticing a familiar face, looks behind the guy on the podium and shock appears all over his face.

"Is that my grandfather?!?"

, Amelia no longer ignores and looks at him with a weird look, chuckling, she asks, "What's wrong, cats got your tongue?"

Returning to reality from his shock, points at his grandfather and looks at Amelia, "That's my grandfather."

Looking at where he was pointing, Amelia asks in doubt, "Are you sure that he's your grandfather? Unless you are lying about your family's financial , then I don't believe that someone as famous and as rich as Grandmaster Galen could be your grandfather."

Reeling in from his initial shock, sighs but no further.

At that moment, the guy on the podium offers the microphone to the head lecturer, switching spots with him.

"I would like the head lecturer for this year's ceremony, Grandmaster Galen, to come on up and deliver a speech to you all."

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