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Chapter 4 : Goodbye World!

The Food Sage

With a smile on his face, the grandpa puts , "Call me grandpa Gal when we're alone, but outside you have to call me Mr. Galen. No ;

to the meaning behind his words, says," But grandpa, I like calling you grandpa. Is there some sort of reason why I am not allowed to call you grandpa?"

Infuriated, Grandpa Galen nudges on the head while he says, "Enough with the grandpa this and the grandpa that! I don't want to tell you but since we are going anyways, I guess I will share the secret."

"What secret!!! I like secrets! I promise I won't tell so can you please tell me! PLEASE!!" Says in a voice.

Completely astonished by the change of attitude that his grandson has, Grandpa Galen opens his mouth but no words can escape his throat.

Having realized that no words were uttered from his grandpa, looks back and forth from his grandpa and mom, puzzled.

"Mom I think grandpa needs some rest, he doesn't look so good," says

Having heard that, Grandpa Galen quickly changed from his astonished appearance to one of pure fury. Grabbing an extra large from god knows where, he says, " IF I DON'T FILET YOU BY SUNRISE THEN MY NAME WON'T BE GALEN CHRISTOPHER CARDONA!"

Scared, runs toward his mom, and hides behind her, "Grandpa why are you so mad? I didn't do anything. I have never seen you so mad before, it's scaring me."

Completely over the face smacking, Grandpa Galen goes into a running stance with his on his back and says, " WHAT DO YOU MEAN! IS HUMILIATING YOUR OWN GRANDPA ONCE NOT ENOUGH?"

In the middle of her own father's wrath, Mrs. Cardona pats ;s head and looks at Grandpa Galen with tears in her eyes, " Father why are you being so obstinate today? You barely come over, and when you do, this happens? He's only a little boy, let him joke around a little."

Taken aback by his daughter's tear-filled eyes, Grandpa Galen gets out his stance and gives her a bear hug, " I'm so sorry. I just wasn't prepared and... Someone else just took over me entirely. I wasn't myself. You can tell, right?"

"Of course I can tell that you weren't the same doting parent that I remember, so can you please not scare me again?" Said, Mrs. Cardona with dried up tears on her face.

Completely left out of the scene by his devilish mother in disguise, stares dumbfounded at the atmosphere that his mother and grandfather seem to create.

says with the same that he has kept since his mom started crying, "How in the world did they change the color around them pink? I didn't think that was possible, but I guess I'm wrong."

All of a sudden, Grandpa Galen at while his head is still over his daughter's shoulder. Frightened by the sudden turn of events, dozens of in his little head to escape his grandfather's grasp.

"I'm doomed, what do I do?" He thought to himself.

After spending all of his brain juice on looking for a suitable to the madness, sighs and looks almost lifeless when a thought suddenly sprouts in his head.

"Maybe I can do that?!?" Adhering to his , suddenly turns pale white, while his head tilts upward and a spirit looking entity silently escapes from his mouth, "Goodbye world."

Completely frightened by the sudden of his grandson, Grandpa Galen stops embracing his daughter and runs toward while saying, "You fool, snap out of it, we need you to stay with us!"

When Grandpa Galen finally arrives in front of , he him, while yelling something in a different language, "Im Namen des So und des Mondes wird die Seele gereinigt und wiedergeboren werden zu dem Gef??, das er für passend h?lt..."

Mrs. Cardona, after being released from her father's embrace, only turns around, after she snaps out of it. Looking at the shocking scene before her very eyes, she holds her mouth while gasping, watching her only son pass away right before her eyes.

"Ah, I didn't expect my skills to work that well. Can you please stop now?" Says as he stops faking his death, tilting his head back down with a big grin on his face.

Looking at the shocking scene right before his eyes, Grandpa Galen goes into cardiac arrest, right on the spot," You will be the death of me." He says before falling backward.

Still shocked by this outrageous scene, Mrs. Cardona kneels before her father and gives him CPR, hoping to bring him back to life, "Father, please don't die on me now."

In the midst of all this, a series of orderly footsteps resound through the street, "my dear sister, he won't die on you, he still has a lot to live for, like for example, the company that I will soon take over." says an 6'2 guy with a suit and a fox mask on

When the man finished talking, Grandpa Galen's eyes suddenly open wide and his upper body gets up. Looking around, Grandpa Galen spots the fellow in , and says, "Well nice to see you too, my lovely son. How has the company been, I left it to you for a whole week now. Well, it must be going nicely considering that you are visiting your sister and nephew, or were you looking for me?"

Feeling completely left out, looks straight at the guy's face and interjects their little soap opera with a puzzled , "Um, who are you, and why are you here? I don't remember having an uncle as weird as you."

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