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Chapter 2 : The history that passed (2/2)

The Food Sage

Although the ocean transformed into a blood-red sea, every other water source wasn't affected by the oceans

When the different caught wind of the strange phenomenon that in the sea, it was already too late. 1,254,912 civilians died within 25 minutes of the epidemic. All around the coast of Pangaea, there were hundreds of thousands of because of reasons; however, they all had something in common, disappearance. The people that filed the all requested a search party.

Every police department all around the immediately requested back-up from the sects and establishments, but they were too busy scrambling for about the ocean and the change in the life forms that lived in them.

Due to this, the have split into 2 groups: the researchers, which are mostly composed of sects and other groups, and then the common folk. Even though they were technically split, the two groups were reliant on each other. This delicate for another 27 years.

On June 3rd, the year 2795, struck. A humongous cracked enveloped the sky above Pangaea and a beam of light pierced the earth from the beyond. Even though the era started 49 years ago, not much has been researched that could the strange phenomenon appearing in the sky and the moment that the light appeared, every major sect stopped what they were doing immediately to watch the light, while some of the civilians who saw it thought that it was the summoning of a god.

The beam of light landed in the middle of Pangaea and grew wider as time went by. At first, the beam was only the width of a cone, but it eventually reached the size of a few football stadiums and it continued to grow at an rate.

When the beam reached the size of an average city (around 1,200 km2) it suddenly stopped. When it suddenly stopped, the light retracted back into its initial and then vanished as if it was never there. When the light receded, the presence of a deep cylindrical hole was revealed.


At the same time unbeknownst to anyone, one of the four meteorites started to turn navy in color while it started to develop a large crack on the top part that had the roughest surface area. If anyone was there then they would have seen a massive eye looking through the crack.

This day didn't have a name or a synonym, it was unnamed unanimously and was unwritten; however, everyone knew about this day. That was because this day was the same day that the first sage was born. The sage of love and peace, Bohumir.

The birth of a sage is celebrated with a vast holographic image of a of that sage above their head. Furthermore, that image is a of their inner teachings and wisdom in the form of a single picture or strange phenomenon.

After that incident, the all over the matured and some even began to evolve, gaining sentience and new abilities. Since then, nothing major had happened for the next 226 years.

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