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Chapter 14 : Sparring

100% Battle Maniac

Savvy sidestepped to avoid the projectile, the metal javelin brushed past his face, millimetres away. Sweat ran down his back. Another javelin propelled itself towards him, cutting through the air rapidly.


Savvy jumped back again, barely avoiding the javelin which shot towards him. He then raised his right arm and charged up his cannon causing an orange light to glow faintly and seep through his synthetic skin. His hand shifted, skin and metal spinning back to reveal a gaping barrel, the source of the orange glow.


The barrel span quickly, heating up. The orange glow grew brighter, forcing his opponent to squint. Savvy grinned, noticing his opponent's quick lapse in


A vortex of fire shot out of his gun-arm. It was so bright that it caused the nearby surroundings to lose colour, looking like a phoenix soaring through the night sky. The that Savvy was fighting hurriedly summoned a wall of metal to block the attack, raising his arms before his hands on the floor.

There was a low rumbling noise before several crude looking metal rose out of the ground. Metal bolts and other scraps of metal flew around from the sides of the stadium, attaching to the wall of metal.

The collided into the metal barrier, immediately creating smoke and a hissing sound. The liquid fire off of the metal wall but more and more was shot out of Savvy's arm. It burrowed into the thick wall of metal. The hurriedly chanted, summoning more metal to the wall.

It quickly became a battle of , who would run out of mana first?

Savvy frowned, pouring as much mana into his weapon as possible. Although had bad mana affinity, using mana converters was a lot more efficient than carrying a tank full of liquid fire. His was mana, only limited by the size of his mana pool.

The realised that he was winning the battle of , summoning even more metal to bolster his defence.

'Not good.'

Savvy didn't know whether he should press on with his attack or withdraw. Whilst withdrawing seemed like a better , his arm would overheat and unusable for a short of time upon finishing his fire attack, whilst continuing to attack would only waste his mana.

Suddenly, a cluster of metal hovered in the air, quickly 3 metal javelins. They burst forward with lightning fast speed, creating a mini vacuum around them. Savvy panicked for a moment before regaining his cool.

He swiftly held up his left arm, it glowed a bright blue, emitting a colour that was even brighter than his cannon. He then shot out an ice lance.


It shattered like upon making contact with the high velocity metal javelins.


Savvy was forced to stop firing. He flipped to the side, avoiding two of the metal javelins. They stabbed into the ground, through the floor like it was made of sponge. The third javelin changed trajectory, circling back around before picking up speed. The two javelins which had been buried into the ground also rose up, joining in the attack.

A blue glow was emitted from Savvy's boots, the air around him became frosty and ice started to form on the ground around his feet. He crouched down before shooting off, a path of ice was created in front of him as he desperately dodged the metal javelins.

He span around, spraying out several large icicles. They collided with the metal javelins from several different angles, causing them to fall off course and smash into the ground. Savvy turned again, leaping into the air and launching an ice- from his left arm. The blue fire swept across the ground, melting the metal javelins into molten

Savvy landed on the ground, readying his cannon for another attack. The was physically and mentally drained from launching several attacks, now was the best time to strike. Savvy put his hands together before taking them apart to reveal a large ice It was coated in blue , creating a ghostly appearance.

He brought his right arm back before throwing the out, it arced sideways, spinning around the metal wall that the created. Several metal javelins flew out to meet the ice but were all knocked back or shredded into ruined metal. Some of the metal javelins caught fire, disintegrating before hitting the ground.

The attempted to dodge back but Savvy predicted this and fired out high temperature liquid fire. The hit the ice , creating a steamy The who had been relieved upon avoiding the was blown back, he flew in an arc before hitting the ground.

Savvy onto the ground, barely supporting himself with one knee. He breathed out heavily, letting high temperature steam out of his mouth, nostrils, ears and joints. Although tired, a triumphant grin appeared on his face.

He had just won the sparring match. The The nurse that was with the quickly cast healing magic on the downed , the burns on his body faded away. The instructor, Aran, had created a training schedule. Sparring was part of it.

Savvy walked over to the teacher. Aran sent him a document via chip. It was the teacher's analysis of the battle that he had just fought. After scanning through it quickly, he asked Aran a

"Sir, if you were in my boots, what would you have done?"

Aran at Savvy, amusement on his face.

"I would have attacked right off the bat. In order for someone like you to gain control of the battle, you need to act fast and decisively. If you keep your opponent under pressure, they won't have any chance to fight back. If you control the battle's rhythm, your opponent easier to predict as well, giving you a clear advantage."

Savvy nodded, thinking about his battle.

"The fire attack you used was clearly a bad choice, attacks like that which require a long charge up and have adverse side effects should only be used as finishing moves because they leave you vulnerable. I would advise you to use fast paced attacks with less fire power since you can just whittle your enemy down, it's much more reliable then focusing on a double edged sword."


Savvy looked thoughtful for a moment before taking a seat next to Zeno. They sat in silence, watching the ongoing fight.

"Nice fight." Zeno said awkwardly.


They descended back into awkward silence. Savvy sighed.

"I still have a long way to go before reaching Aran's level."

Zeno rolled his eyes.

"Dude, he's rank S, you're rank C+. Thats a big gap."

"Yeah, but I still want to get stronger. I made so many mistakes in that match, it's so embarrassing."

Zeno nodded understandingly.

"Oh, by the way... Hows the... you know, the project going?" Zeno asked

Savvy thought for a moment.

"It's almost done, it will be ready for the ;

Zeno grinned.

"Then there's no way we'll lose!" He patted Savvy's back, almost throwing him off of his seat.

The two broke out into laughter.

"Oi. Quiet." Aran snapped, at the rowdy teenagers.

"Yes sir." They chorused.

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